Worst massacres in the U.S.

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While the Press will report that every shooting is the worst massacre in the U.S., and imply that gun nuts are crazy to fear their government/neighbors from ever doing anything bad, they tend to omit all of the following:

  • 2001.09.11 Twin Towers - Bill Clinton all but ignored Osama Bin Laden, despite multiple bombing attacks including the NYC/World Trade Center garage and the USS Cole bombing. Democrats hate to admit that an oppressed minority group can be as vicious (or more so) than white males, so denial of the problem. After multiple warnings that the CIA and other intelligence agencies missed or ignored, 19 hijackers hijacked 4 planes with box cutters, and flew them into various soft targets (such as the NYC/World Trade Center), killing 2996 people, as Tom Clancy and others had warned about.
    Dead/Injured: 2996/6000
  • 1997.03.20 Heaven's Gate - University Music Professor Marshall Applewhite founded a mystical cult around extraterrestrials, and the idea that aliens on the Hale-Bopp comet would provide them new bodies if they freed their spirits (killed themselves) for the ride. They did a darwinian service of culling the mentally weak from the herd in San Diego, and showed that you don't need guns to kill a lot of people.
    Dead/Injured: 39
  • 1995.04.19 Oklahoma City Bombing - In retaliation for the quasi-legal Waco/Ruby Ridge massacres by Government (86 dead), Tim McVeigh (with help from Terry Nichols, his army roommate) filled a Ryder rental truck with 13 x 55 gallon barrels full of racing fuel (nitromethane) and fertilizer (Ammonium Nitrate), drove it to the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, and detonated it. Not to excuse the radicals, but they saw this as fighting back for the Constitution, after the Government had crapped on it in Waco and Ruby Ridge.
    Dead/Injured: ≈168/680
  • 1993.04.19 Waco Siege - A bunch of paranoid religious separatists were attacked under orders of Janet Reno (Clinton Administration). Instead of a simple warrant, or request to come into town, the ATF attempted to raid the ranch/compound and seize their weapons, which started a shootout and siege. Then after 51 days, the FBI tried to tear gas the Davidian's out, and instead burned the compound down killing 76 people. This angered anti-government types, and got the Oklahoma City Bombing as a result.
    Dead/Injured: ≈ 86/16 (many were women and children).
  • 1992.08.21 Ruby Ridge - Ruby Ridge would not qualify as one of the largest or worst massacres by itself, but it was Act-1 in a 3 part play. Government (FBI/ATF) agents entrapped Randy Weaver and tried to extort him into infiltrating and becoming an informant for them. When he refused, they were abusive and went after him for refusal to appear. After a confrontation (on his land), a shootout (killing his son), and causing a siege, they botched hostage negotiations when snipers killed his wife (while they were running for cover and not firing back: which violates the constitution). Then the Democrats tried to cover it up. An investigation found the FBI was wrong, criminal charges issues, and they settled a civil lawsuit for $3.1M over their misbehavior (like hiding evidence of their malfeasance). This and the later Waco seige abuses of power were the two contributing factors that agitated McVeigh into the Oklahoma City Bombing (168 dead). That's not to excuse McVeigh's behavior in any way (he deserved the lethal injection he got), but when you break the law and abuse the lash, you shouldn't be shocked when there's backlash.
    Dead/Injured: 3/2
  • 1978.11.18 Jonestown - Jim Jones was a Democrat cult leader, highly influential and respect in Democrat circles, especially in California. A social justice warrior (racial integrationist) creating a leftist socialist utopia, and won every leftist award, was revered/honored and woo'ed by VP Walter Mondale, George Moscone, First Lady Rosalynn Carter, Willie Brown, Jerry Brown, Harvey Milk, Diane Feinstein, and so on. When his criminal deeds started coming out, he fled to a compound in Jonestown, Guyana. And in failing health, and with the authorities closing in, he convinced/forced his followers to drink cyanide laced kool-aid (Flavo-Aid), which is where comments come about "don't drink the Kool aid". Technically, this was outside of the USA, but they were all American democrat ex-pat compound.
    Dead/Injured: 918 (304 children).
  • 1927.05.18 Bath School disaster - Long before assault rifles, Andrew Kehoe was angry over losing an election, under financial distress of losing his farm partly because of high taxes, so he decided to seek revenge on the town by blowing up the school and killing all the kids. Not all of his bombs went off, and "only" 38 students were killed. 500lbs. of explosives were found in the basement, undetonated
    Dead/Injured: ≈45/58 (mostly children).
  • 1921.05.29 Tulsa Race Riots - After a bunch of race riots in northern cities (Chicago, etc.), a 19 yo black shoeshiner attacked a 17 yo white girl (elevator operator). Armed black men (some WWI veterans) rushed to the police station, to prevent a possible lynching, and confronted a white crowd. Shots were fired, and 10 whites were killed (2 blacks). With the help of the city government, mob violence exploded, and whites vandalized (burned) a black neighborhood, under the sniper fire of the black residents.
    Dead/Injured: ≈200/800
  • 1920.09.16 Wall Street Bombing - The deadliest terror attack up to that date, was when a horse-drawn wagon with 100 lbs of dynamite and cast iron weights was detonated in front of J.P. Morgan bank on Wall Street. It was likely done by anti-Capitalists (leftist Galleanists or other militant socialists active at the time).
    Dead/Injured: 38/400
  • 1890.12.29 Wounded Knee - The U.S. Government decided to disarm the Lakota without compensating them for the cost of the weapons. When some resisted, government forces started firing into Indians, some of which fought back with whatever they had.
    Dead/Injured: ≈325/51 (many were women and children).
  • 1857.09.07 Mountain Meadows Massacre - After 17 Mormon's had been killed in the Haun's Mill massacre (1838), and conflict in Nauvoo, Illinois (where Joseph Smith was killed by a mob), they had eventually fled and settled in Salt Lake City, Utah. Where James Buchanan (D) sent one-third of the U.S. army to make sure they weren't "rebelling". The Mormon's were suspicious of outsiders, and during this time, some of them attacked and exterminated all the people in a Wagon train (the Baker–Fancher party). There's a lot of fuzziness on whether it was sanctioned by Mormon leadership, and whether it was retaliation for poisoning of cattle and people.
    Dead/Injured: ≈130

🗒️ NOTE:
Watch the word-smithing. If the Press/Left is saying "Mass Shooting" instead of "Massacre" or "Mass Murder" it's because they're trying to dodge events, under the fraud that someone would rather be blown up, beheaded, or burned to death, rather than being shot to death. And the latter is somehow worse. It isn't.
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