Wonder Woman (2017)

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Wonder Woman was a cheesy over the top 70’s TV show with Linda Carter. DC and Warner Brothers do their best to go after the Marvel Franchise with Gal Gadot playing the hero. Reviews are audiences gave it a 92/92 on Rotten Tomatoes, and it quickly exploded to $600M in sales, so I figured I should see it. And while it as good, it wasn’t quite as good as its sales numbers or reviewers would have me believe.

Set in 1918, the story is about Princess Diana of the Amazonian women, and her life on a hidden island called Themyscira. Girl meets boy when American pilot Steve Trevor crashes his plane and is being chased by Germans nearing the end of WWI, whereas Dianna follows a prophecy to end Aries (the Greek God of War’s) evil manipulations over mankind.

I would recommend the film. It was entertaining, great action, acting, and Gadot does a great job of playing a badass (both in real life and on screen). So it was worth my $10 to see it. But that being said, I still thought Guardians of the Galaxy-1 and Deadpool-1 were better films, because they didn’t take themselves so seriously. This told a story and was a good action film, but I often want either a bit more fun, or a bit more depth. Superhero movies that take themselves too seriously, tend not to quite work for me. This one took itself seriously, with a side of preachy Women's empowerment.


My problem with it, wasn’t the story itself. It’s just I didn’t need to see that she was a “God”, could fly, and was basically Superman in a strapless cheerleaders outfit. It felt like the writers felt that if she wasn't the most powerful of all the superheroes, then it would denigrating to women. But Superman is the most boring of the superhero’s to me. Because he’s all powerful, all the drama is either his internal angst, someone controlling his mind, or kryptonite... and it’s sort of boring. Conquering our limits helps define and anchor us. They went there with her, beams of energy, godlike powers, flying, and so on. Well whatever. That doesn’t energize me, it makes her as boring as Superman. So I’m sure others will like it, and I liked the general story as told as well. I have no interest in seeing the sequel.