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Terms on the left usually mean the opposite of what they sound like. So "Woke" really means asleep (or asheep). Woke implies being awake to the injustices around you like classism, racism, anti-LGBTQ. But since most of the woke are young, dumb and activists (extremists), there's no balance or introspection -- so they shit on those who value social norms, common sense, the English language, or might understand history or that other cultures/sub-cultures might not agree. None of the injustices done at the hands of SJW's matter to the Wokenuts. So woke is being blind to the consequences of your actions and putting leftist activism above everything else, including who you hurt or are unjust towards. It is Slacktivism, intersectional divisiveness, and putting feelings and actions above thinking. If they have to crush a few innocents under the jack-boot of virtue signaling, "Oh well", what matters to them is being part of the same clique, and virtue signaling, not the absurdity of what they're doing or who they hurt doing it. Antifa is the most Woke group around. The Dunning-Kruger effect with a side of sanctimony, and thinking they're better than everyone else, while behaving worse.

Woke Corporate Slacktivism
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Woke Corporate Slacktivism is the idea that corporations should stop trying to maximize shareholder value by meeting their customers needs, but start becoming political/religious organizations that preach their agendas to others. It seems to fail more than it works, because most people are wise enough to recognize that they're insincere. And even those gullible enough to believe otherwise just find some other hypocrisy by the company to feed their need for moral outrage. So their short term allies will always turn on them, and they alienate everyone else. more...


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