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Don't get me started on these klatch of dim-wits on The View, with Whoopi Goldberg (D) ex-comedian and TV Host always reminding us of her High School drop out's wit and wisdom. They're a good example of people in NY and Hollywood talking about shit they don't know the first thing about. Things like Whoopi saying "She wants Automatic Weapons banned"... good for you, only fully-automatic weapons have been banned since 1934. And if you don't know the difference between fully-automatic and semi-automatic guns, then you shouldn't talk about either. Just avoid guns in general, since you'll just demonstrate a strong opinion based on complete ignorance of the topic. What's worse, she's an NRA Member, Gun Owner, and someone that should have a clue. I used to be a fan when she played a fake Nun instead of now playing a fake TV host -- the more she talks, the less there is to like.


  • 2020.03.04 - Whoopi on Jill Biden - Whoopi is so in the bag for the DNC that she was nominating Joe Biden's wife (Jill Biden) to be Surgeon General because she's got a doctorate... of education. Her "She's a hell of doctor" comment lets us know how little Whoopi knows about anything.


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Woopie on Guns:

Doctor Biden:

The View
The View was a talk show with 3 or 4 female shrill Liberals that gang-bang the one token conservative. In the case of Elisabeth Hasselbeck they haranged and bullied her off the show for being "too Christian/Conservative for their audience". E.g. they were worried about the balance and likability she might bring to the show. Ratings plummeted on The View, while Hasselbeck grew the FoxNews Channel ratings (she went to immediately afterwards) by 9%. Yeah, Elizabeth was the problem. They replaced her with Meghan McCain, and they repeatedly had incidents with her not being liberal and stupid enough. Basically, the two most obnoxious are Joy Behar, and Whoopi Goldberg, who like to prove their stupid, divisive, hypocrisy, on a regular basis -- with Joy being more obnoxious, and Whoopi just looking ignorant. Lousy show with lousy humans, makes their viewing audience dumber with every viewing.
Gun Controllers
This is a short list of some of the "smartest Gun-Controllers in the room". This isn't just "gotcha" type mistakes, this is about Gun Control advocates fundamental failure to understand the basics of what they're talking about. I'd be happy to find a gun-controller that could talk about the basic parts and operation without sounding like an idiot, but this article is about the examples of the 99% that are giving the rest a bad name. The things they said that make the informed gun-owners double-face-palm, and undermines the interests of any rational gun controllers. Some day I'll meet one of the latter.
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