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This is a faux environmentalist, someone green on the outside, but red (communist/socialist) on the inside. Environmentalism might seem to be their cause, as they champion everything that's anti-humanity and pro-authority. But authoritarian regimes are their true passion. Some aren't self-aware enough to realize that they are watermelons: Vladimir Lenin and the USSR used to call those people "useful idiots" - non-communists regarded as susceptible to communist propaganda and manipulation.


You can if an environmentalist is real, by whether they lead by example. (Eat their own dogfood).

People that think burning fossil fuels is the most significant factor in CO2, and that CO2 is the biggest significant factor in climate change, are kinda clueless on the math/science. Everything by humans does contributes -- razing the ground to build houses, what we eat, breathing, driving, clothes, travel, building/improving and especially, kids. Concrete is especially carbon releasing. Almost everything you do, creates CO2. More so if you're having kids that will use carbon as well. So if environmentalists are sincere, they will make choices accordingly.

  • Recycling - This doesn't mean putting your cans and bottles, it means using things to death. Environmentalism is about the total lifecycle of a "thing". You want to save the planet? Only buy and use things that are used. Old cars, old houses, old clothes. Don't fix them up, as fixing them uses carbon. Thus if you see someone who thinks they're an environmentalist driving a new car, living in a new home/appartment, you know they're a fucking watermelon.
  • New homes - They wouldn't live in new houses: those cost a ton of CO2 to create. Living in an old house, and small, like their grandparents did: 3 generations in 900 sq. ft. Now that's an environmentalist. But someone living in anything over a few hundred square feet per person, and right next to work? Hypocrite.
  • New Cars - Electric cars are not green -- it takes too much CO2 to create them and their batteries (and the electricity) to hit break-even any time soon. So that's not what caring looks like. Finding a beater that was going to be taken to the scrapyard and getting 10 more years out of that? That helps with the lifecycle costs of the car much more. And if they live to far away? Sell most of your things and move next to your work (like I did). That's showing you care. Driving a new Prius or Tesla 30 miles from your large suburban home? Hypocrite.
  • New Clothes - New fashion is not green -- it takes too much CO2 to make new stuff. Buy vintage clothes, especially ugly stuff that are about to be destroyed. That helps the planet. Buying new stuff, especially stuff that is fashionable but intentionally short lived like distressed clothes or fashion trendy (that will go out of style quicker), is NOT what caring about the environment looks like. New clothes=environmental hypocrite.
  • Travel - Any "environmentalist" that lectures me (or anyone like me), on CO2, when they travel? Fucking hypocrite. Stay at home, play Yahtzee or cards. Travel can burn more CO2 than anything else you do. That includes for work. Limit yourself to jobs and life that's all in your little borough: that's environmentalism. Go to Europe, Hawaii, Asia? Fuck the planet.
  • Kids - Any "environmentalist" that lectures me (or anyone like me), on CO2, when they've had kids, are screaming hypocrites. They don't care enough to impact your own lifestyle/goals, but they want to be free to intrude on mine, or my businesses, and so on? Since we don't have kids, no matter how much CO2 that we use, it will be less than them and their kids and their grandkids and so on. So if they really cared, they'd sterilize themselves. That they haven't, shows that they don't care about the environment as much as they care about telling others what to do.

The point isn't that you're wrong for doing it. It's just that you're a hypocrite if you're willing to live like that, and lecture anyone else on their SUV, or pretend that buying another carbon negative toy, like a Tesla will somehow make up for it.


The point is that math is math, and logic is logic.I'm not attacking other for having kids, or their lifestyle choices.... unless they're being a hypocrite and trying to preach on mine.

If Watermelons care about the environment as much as they care about attacking other people's choices, they'd be making RADICALLY different choices in their own lives. That's NOT an extreme position, that's common sense. Which means their real agenda isn't the environment, it's an excuse to tell others what to do, and make them make the exact same choices they do.

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