Warren: Fake Pregnant

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Elizabeth played the Fake Victim card, again. This time it was about her getting fired for being pregnant. The short version is she claimed that she was fired for being pregnant and that's why she left teaching.Only there's a lot of evidence that implies that's not the case. Then on top of that, when that started coming out she blamed the vast right wing conspiracy... only it was a Bernie supporting socialist that was first to call bullshit on it. More than that, it contradicts the story as she's been telling it for decades. Was she lying then or now, or both? With Warren the truth is malleable to the situation... but the one constant is "poor me". If you want the biggest FakeVictim President, then she's your man.


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Elizabeth Warren
Hypocritical Senator with a lifetime of frauds, flakes, flip-flops, and double-speak. With Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Michelle Obama, Sandra Fluke, and so on, the one thing the Democrat Party needs is another loud-mouthed, abrasive and lying Women without a clue on economics.