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Teddy Kennedy, the only politician with a confirmed kill in the "War on Women".

Whenever I hear about the Democrats and their Fake News complaining about the Republicans and the "War on Women", the word that comes to mind is hypocrites. We have dozens of examples of Dems behaving worse, and the media ignoring or excusing them -- while imagined slights are exaggerated if the person involved might be conservative or have an (R) after their title. Thus, while I have no problem with prosecuting asshats, the same standard must be applied to both sides or we have a much bigger problem on our hands. And in the case of Women's issue, the hypocrisy of the left and their media while pretending that their side has the moral high ground for objectively behaving worse hints at a much bigger problem than injustice against Women: but injustice against justice itself.

Issue Lie Truth
War on Women

Birth Control.

The evil right wants to take away Women’s Birth-Control, right to choose (abortion), are sexist pigs who treat women poorly and want to keep them as oppressed sex objects. The majority of the right is fine with birth control (as long as people pay for their own), the USA's most restrictive abortion laws are more tolerant than most of Europe (or the world's), and the left has a rich history of worse behavior towards Women.


The first aspect that needs to be debunked is the myth that all conservatives or Republicans want to outlaw abortion, or that all liberals/Democrats support it. Once you get into adult conversations about what aspects of abortion should be legal or have some constraints, much of the polarization evaporates -- and we find out the conservative/Republican average is well to the left of where the entire country was when Roe v. Wade was ruled on. And the left and their media today, is well, well to the left of where the far left was back then, or the majority of people are today.


Abortion is a deeply personal view, and I used to explore people by asking or sharing my views on it and seeing how they respond.This article covers many aspects of the topic, in what I hope is a somewhat neutral and informed way, though I openly have and express my opinions. The point is not to change anyone's mind, and I leave people room for their own personal views. more...

Birth Control

The second aspect that needs to be debunked is the myth that Conservatives/Republicans are against birth control: the gross majority are big fans -- and while there's a few devout catholics on the right that might have some issues with it, or a few devout Christians that have problems with abortifacients (a type of birth control that doesn't stop conception, it just causes the fertilized cells to be aborted: like the day-after pill), there's also a few on the left with the same views (just very slightly fewer). None fo that is opposing a woman's rights, it's just debating the ethics of where lines should be drawn (even when I don't agree).

Where the real debate comes in, isn't on allowing birth control, it's over who wants to pay for it. The left sees everything as an opportunity for social justice and wealth redistribution: so they want it "free" (e.g. to force other people to pay for it, even if morally opposed), under the false flag that those who oppose paying for other people's birth control (which usually means abortions), are opposed to birth control entirely. Which is not the case at all.

πŸ—’οΈ NOTE:
I personally believe in pay-to-play, and had no problems as a guy, bearing the cost of my girlfriends birth control, as I certainly shared in the benefits. So it's not about dodging responsibility -- it's about the responsibility belongs to the individuals involved, NOT with forcing a 3rd party to pay for me, or my girlfriends recreational drugs. So I'm for a guy manning up and paying as an individual. I'm completely against saying that government should be sticking a gun in my face, and making me pay for someone else's birth control.

Dems Behaving Badly


Teddy Kennedy - The only confirmed kill in the war on Women. That never bothered the left. You can murder Women, aid your family in raping them, and avoid being called misogynist -- as long as you're a fan of abortion and identity politics.

Al Gore - He needs his Chakra's released.

Bill Clinton - Caused feminists to create the "single grope" rule -- that applies only to Democrats. When Trump professed to grab some strange (and they liked it / let him), suddenly the Clinton standard went out the window and progressive amnesia kicked in. [1] Hillary Clinton - Worse than Bill's behavior of serial assault, was Hillary's attack on the Bimbo squad, while simultaneously pretending she was an advocate for Women. Bill was an honest cad: you know what you were getting. Hillary was a dishonest rape facilitator, that abused victims of Bill, again.


Harvey Weinstein - Serial mollestor of Women for 30 years[2] -- and more importantly, Democratic Bundler that contributed heavily to Hillary, Obama and others. Everyone knew it was going on for years, it was a running joke in Hollywood.[3] Until finally some PR critical mass is achieved, then he's sacrificed at the alter of shame.

  • While the media (NBC, NYT, CBS, ABC, etc) had been suppressing the story. They care about sexual harassment when it's Trump, but it doesn't matter when it's Bill, or one of the most powerful men in Hollywood[4]
  • Of course Twitter punished the whistleblower and suspended her (Rose McGowan) account for exposing the criminal -- the way progressives usually turn on anyone that disagrees with them and backs it up with facts. [5]
  • And the even The Academy is voting to remove Weinstein as a member, while tolerating Roman Polanski's rape (and excoriating Trump for doing the same as many of their members have). [6]
  • Matt Damon called to kill a NYT story that might have exposed it. [7]
  • Brad Pitt knew, but remained silent. [8]
  • George Clooney claims he never "saw" it. Sure, but did he ever hear any women that complained or men that bragged and remained silent? For a many that wants Hollywood to be the moral conscience of the country, isn't looking the other way and not investigating, taking the low road? He either is stupid, or immoral (on this issue) and either doesn't bode well for being taken seriously. [9]. And he has his own issues with harassment [10]
  • Meryl Streep, wasted one acceptance speech slamming President Trump for doing less. But who said in her acceptance speech for Iron Lady, β€œI want to thank God β€” Harvey Weinstein.” (The latter for campaigning for her 3rd Oscar, and molesting countless starlets). Again, ignorance is the best defense she has, but blatant hypocrisy seems more likely.

Ben Affleck - multiple gropes and inappropriate touching and suggestions coming to light. [11]

Jimmy Kimmel's "guess what's in my pants". Again, I don't begrudge the game -- I just have a problem with the double standard. [12]

Anthony Wiener


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