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If you want to cheese off the left, just talk about Virtue Signaling and that some of that virtue is not exactly the moral high ground. Talk about problems in some groups that the left thinks are protected ([[Racism, Sexism, Homophobia))], talk about bad behavior of the MeToo movement, Fake Hate crimes, Real Hate crimes against conservatives, Fake News and how the lefts sources have a bias/agenda, or anything that contradicts leftist dogma, and you're likely to get a reaction that isn't one of thoughtful introspection or moderation.

Issue Lie Truth
Virtue Signaling Minorities and the left have the moral high ground. The right isn't just uninformed, they're evil, racist, sexist, misogynist bullies that want to "Make America Great Again", by reversing all the wins of the left like Civil Rights, Feminism, gun-control, progressive taxes, education, and so on. Politics isn't just about different ways to make things better, it's about right and wrong, and the other side isn't right. Society wins when society is ready to make new laws or oppose old ones: not because of the laws themselves, but because of the will of the people to live up to them them. (And not before). Most of the "win's" of the left, were not clear wins, certainly not because of the left alone, and certainly not because they were pure. Virtue Signaling is about getting attention, virtue itself is about silent action.


I keep running into people that are into virtual signaling in their public profiles in various bios.

A good example was :

❝ Hi, I’m Tess. My pronouns are she/her.... I’m a queer, polyam, trans lady—Erin Jr.’s mama, Erin’s wife, and Eryn’s girlfriend. We live in San Francisco, which sits on the unceded ancestral homeland of the Ramaytush Ohlone peoples ❞

She's probably a nice person in all ways non-political. I don't know. I just know that she's a desperate attention seeker trying to belong so hard, she's an insufferable twat, on first impression, that says "she cares more than you do", or intentionally trying to exclude others who aren't as woke as her. As proven by a combination of TMI, answering questions never asked (or cared about), and throwing in caring about victim heathens, 200 years ago.

Here's what I'd have in my bio as a response to folks like that:

❝ Hi, I’m Aristotle. My pronouns are he/him/asshole.... I’m a pre-op double transsexual who believes in chromosomes and other than about a dozen women in my life (and exclusively my wife for 30 years), doesn’t care to know how others enjoy their friction or what makes them cum. We live in Houston, Texas, which using the laws of conquest at the time, was taken from the murderous Mexicans, who stole it from the worse Spaniards, who took it from the cannibalistic Karankawa people. Now we enjoy civilization and having a nice home on a man-made lake and BBQing food animals instead of living in a mud hut on a swamp and killing and eating neighboring tribes. ❞

Again, the point being most people shouldn't care about 95% of that, so the majority is noise.


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