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Are Democrats more Anti-American that Republicans? Yes. Does that mean they're less American? No. Look, you can't have dozens (or more) examples of being for undermining the nation or our interests (foreign or domestic), mocking patriotism (jingoism), degrading religion and traditions, the Constitution, the rule of law, our founders, the flag, the pledge, our music, not knowing or taking pride in our History, and values, and Holidays, and way of life, being for internationalism (diluting our independence), being against the capitalism (that made us great), make excuses for or supporting our enemies (or those that degrade us), hating even the term "American Exceptionalism" (without admitting what it is, or that it exists), and dividing us by intersectional victimhood status instead of being proud of our blending and common interest in the American Dream... and then after all that, claim you love the country.... well, I guess you can. But no one should take you seriously.

The left (progressives) don't love the country for what it is, or was, or even will be... they only love it for what they hope to change it into. They're the girlfriend that loves you and all -- but only as a potential project, to mold into something that they truly can be proud of. And since nothing can live up to their expectations, they really love your failure, which allows them to feel superior. But that's not loving America, that's more loving the ideal of the Progressive USSA.

Issue Lie Truth
Anti-American The left claims to love America on one hand, and that's why they criticize it continuously on the other. It's racist, sexist, imperialist, capitalist (spit, ptooey), minority killing, gun toting, inequality, full of ignorance, God, Guns and bigots. Protests against liberty, gays in assless chaps, wars (national interests), foreigners waving foreign flags and demanding the end to America as a county? Those are all good. But protests against too much government waste, too high of taxes, regulation or government power (Tea baggers), or pro-lifers trying to protect viable infants from the abortionists canula and scissors, or just a wholesome 4th of July Parade celebrating Americana? Those are all bad. But they love America? Of course the truth is that the left doesn't love America in a healthy way, and take pride in what we've done or are doing. Many feel unclean at signs of jingoism and patriotism. Think about it as if they are an abusive spouse -- you love them as they are, that's why you want to criticize them constantly, break them down and destroy their self-esteem, so that you can remold them into something else (better). That's not love, that's something else. They don't love what is, they love having something to criticize, vent at, and take their frustrations out on -- but will never meet their standards. But in trying to meet their standards, everyone would get a lot less freedom to be individuals.


While of course I don't think all democrats are anti-American seditious traitors, I think you have to be blind or a fool to not recognize that the majority of the anti-patriotic, marxist/socialist, radical, let's burn the whole thing down and start over kind of radicals, and the ones most outraged by the status quo (what America is)... tend to be left wing. If there's a cause that's against societal American norms, it's not the conservatives championing it. lf you don't recognize that, then I don't think these examples will help, but I list them anyways (for the more rational that can be persuaded by evidence): Anti-American : 15 items

Toiletgate - AOC goes to a border facility, gets media attention by sobbing, screaming and lying for far-left agenda items. Tweeting falsehoods like, "CBP officers were being so physically &sexually threatening towards me", and "[Border Agents] were keeping women in cells w/ no water & had told them to drink out of the toilets" (after claiming they were concentration camps). It was exposed that she screamed at agents and for the cameras and they told her to stop, and those facilities have a toilet with an integral sink on top labeled "Potable water"... and AOC/media forgot to report that part (that's what it meant to drink from the toilet). A group of hispanic pastors toured the same facilities (as had congress, a few times before) and described a high quality facility and staff.

Alternate History - There's real history, and the left's history -- they have very little in common. Very little. When I read Howard Zinn, or Karl Marx's view of the world -- it sounds like an average far left intersectional Democrats view of the world. While it has names in common with mine, the facts have been changed to protect the guilty and convict the innocent.

Alternate People - There's real people, and the left's version of people -- they often have very little in common. Very little. I'll hear one of my lefty friends, or watch a left-stream media channel and hear their version of something, and compare it to reality and realize, that they have the same names as the person I know, they have a completely different history. Some events/actions omitted, others imagined in. It's like we live in parallel universes, or they're perpetually tripping on LSD.

American Exceptionalism -
Is America exceptional? Yes. In so many ways. Those that can't recognize that, like many on the left, are demonstrating an anti-American bias that it out of touch with reality. Examples include: first country to give the world a people's Constitution, a Bill of Rights, to have the people govern, the only country to protect the right of self defense (2A), the least imperialistic for how much power we had. We fought a civil war to free another people (the slaves), and fought most of our wars to protect others: Europe from the Nazi's, prevented the USSR from taking over Europe (Cold War), freed the Iraqi's from a tyrant, stopped the enslavement of Korea and slowed the enslavement of South East Asia from the communists. The most philanthropic, and one of the most open to trade. We had the most entrepreneurial freedoms. We pay more in healthcare in order to subsidize the world's medical innovation (over half is done by the U.S., more because of our free market). We gave the world more than any other country in economics, culture, science and technology: from the Internet to microprocessors, going to the moon, Smart Phones, Search, Social Media, various drugs and medical innovations, the airplane, and so on. No other 5 countries combined have done as many innovations because our economic and personal freedoms, our capitalism, and our willingness to invest in making the world a better place. That's not just jingoism, that's recognizing an exceptional global performance.

Betsy Ross Shoes -
Nike made some Patriotic Americana Shoes, with the Betsy Ross flag. Colin Kaepernick whined to them that since the flag came from the era of slavery it hurt his black-half's feelings as it was a symbol of the White Patriarchy (or White Supremacy), which explains why Obama flew it at his 2012 inauguration. Nike took the Anti-American position (again), and pulled the shoes. Kaepernick had previously said he was protesting police brutality, not the Flag itself... but this proved otherwise: it's symbols of America that he (and Nike by proxy) hate. Arizona and New Mexico pulled tax incentives for Nike manufacturing in their state, while the Governor of the People's Republic of California, Gavin Newsom (D), and other Democrats, jumped in, and said they thought Nike was being American by being anti-Flag. Trump Jr. jumped in by retweeting a shoe more likely to fit where their loyalties lie (a soviet style shoe).

Context: Colin protested the Betsy Ross flag because there was slavery. Betsy Ross was a Quaker. Quakers were ardent abolitionists who opposed slavery and helped with the Underground Railroad. She ran her own small business and never had slaves. She is being lambasted by Nike and Colin Kaepernick who both profiteer from a near-slave labor force of 85% female Vietnamese who are paid about $1.00 per hour for their 48 hour work week. This leaves the question, are they ignorant or hypocritical virtue signaling elitists?

Black Conspiracy Theology -
I'm not black, but my Step-Dad is black, I did live and work in black communities. What I saw as an outsider was the black community is disenfranchised (duh!), and that leads to distrust of the system, often Whites, and they prefer their gossip circles and communities opinions to News and fact... to the point that there are many more conspiracies. Events that go through that lens, don't often resemble what I saw, or the objective facts of the case. And the DNC either starts, fosters or panders to many of these wacky views of America or the world, feeding the hate/unrest for votes.

Black Lives Matter -
I refer to Black Lives Matter as the Black-Clan. Why? Because they're mask-wearing racist who have been more violent than the clan has been since the 1920’s. The "victims" are usually repeat felons with long rap sheets, getting shot by minority officers, for brandishing weapons. All to further a cause that's complete anti-American bullshit: that the white establishment shoots unarmed black men for no reason, despite evidence to the contrary. They're a waste of space that only lowers humanity and tolerance.

Dumb Democrats and Evil Republicans - They say Republicans think Democrats are dumb, while Democrats think Republicans are evil. But why? The answer is surprisingly easy. Democrat know they want to help people, so they think anyone who doesn't like their ideas on how to do so must be evil. Republicans know they want to help people -- so when Democrats call them evil (or greedy, racist, etc), and they know better, then they know that Democrats are just stupid. So Republicans know Democrats are dumb, because Democrats think Republicans are evil.

Inequality - Of course there is inequality and injustice in the world, and even in our nation. But by and large, we're in the top handful of countries in the world as far as tolerance and diversity, in every dimension. But the progressive left is addicted "progress" (change), not balance, or knowing when to stop/slow/moderate. So no matter what progress is made, they have to ignore it, exaggerate the wrongs and the potential for government to fix society with a few laws and a little more intolerance towards that with which they disagree -- until they get to the point where their views are a caricature of reality, and a delusion. That only they are virtuous, and those who disagree in any degree, are not (and thus are enemies).

Leftonomics - There's real economics, and the left's version (Leftonomics) -- they have very little in common. Real economics is about observing what is, and learning from it. Leftonomics is about ignoring what is, and believing whatever cultural Marxism has taught you and that you wish was true. Usually some variant of America/Capitalism is bad, and government authoritarianism would be better.

Nike -
Nike decided to go all corporate slacktivism with a variety of efforts that don't seem to work out well for them. I certainly don't disagree with their right to hold a stupid opinion, but while we should all have free speech (and expression), we shouldn't have freedom from the consequences of those stupid opinions.

Politicizing Sports -
Progressives seem unhappy when anyone else is happy and not waving their flags of anti-patriotism. They see some injustice in the world (real or imagined) and they feel compelled to lecture and spoil anyone else's good time. Nothing demonstrates this more than the recent politicization of sports -- with the completely expected consequences that this alienates enough of the audience, to ruin it for everyone.

The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left -
The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left is a book that just reiterates the unsavory parts of the left's history that they would rather you forget. Jonah Goldberg covered this ground better in "Liberal Fascism", but it is still a readable book with Dinesh's own style and observation. What you'll get out of it is inversely related to how much you know about the History of the American left, and how insightful you are already. For me, it was an entertaining and fluffy read with a few new insights but lots of confirmation bias. For somewhat unawares about the dark side of progressivism, or the left side of fascism, it'll be jaw dropping and fascinating. But if you're a partisan lefty, you'll feel that it's all lies and disinformation... just like the mirror and scale are lying to you.

The Star-Spangled Banner -
The Star Spangled Banner.jpg
Post-modernism is the idea that everything that exists is flawed and should be deconstructed and remade in a progressive (usually Marxist) image. He who controls the past, controls the future. An example of this is Jason Jackson (Democratic hack/professor) attacking the Star Spangled Banner as "racist". Seriously. You'll have to work to find it, but in the never heard third stanza, Francis Scott Key used the statement "No refuge could save / the hireling and slave / from the terror of flight / or the gloom of the grave", based on an old colloquialism, "the hireling and slave" and mocking that the British kidnapped (Shanghai'd / enslaved) sailors and forced them to fight or employed mercenaries who weren't fighting for a cause, but for money. Of course far-lefties sources like Colin Kaepernick, The Intercept, and fake Historians (partisan polemics with degrees in History), imagined it as celebrating slavery, or mocking them, based on no evidence -- and revised it into our history, a couple hundred years after it was written... and no one but the SJW's had seen it. See you need them to tell you why America sucks, and you're wrong to display any love of country, liberty, or American Exceptionalism. And if you don't accept their newly imagined example of racism, then you must be a racist too.

War - One of the reasons the left is thought to be Anti-American and Anti-Fact has to do with selective hypocrisy/rememberences on American Wars. They might cheer for the War at the start (especially if Democrat Presidents are for it).... but then they undermine American interests and support our enemies in the end. Almost every trope that makes America look bad about War, (Bush Lied, America did it for Oil, imperialism, etc) has leftists at the forefront of the cause with a megaphone, and often Soviets or other American-hating backers behind them. Years or decades later when you show their trope was false all along, they deny, make excuses, or attack anyone for defending the facts.


The left is enamored with authoritarianism and change ("progress"), and the Constitution/traditions/history/conservativsm is in the way, so they aren't really enemies of the nation -- just on the limits that those things represent.

Again, not all left leaning folks are anti-American. But most anti-Americans are left leaning. A lot is because leftism appeals to the young (and gullible) and many will mature out of it. Usually kids and a family makes men (and Women) less self-absorbed and left -- but some are highly resistant to growth or at least change. But whether they're self-aware, or fathom that we are all the sum of our actions or not -- they're still American. As anti-Americanism is as old as the revolution (and Tory sympathizers). And God bless them. Sometimes your purpose in life is to serve as a warning to others. So we need them to set that example, for the rest of us.


Are Democrats more Anti-American than Republicans, on most issues? Of course. That doesn't mean they aren't Americans, but they don't love the country for what it is, or was, they love themselves and their vision of being able to fix things (through tyranny and bullying) into America into becoming something better. Look at all the voices most willing to bash Americas past, present and future, based on a distorted view of a all three, and virtually all those voices are from the left. Here are some examples of them. more...


Are Democrats more Anti-American than Republicans, on most issues? Of course. That doesn't mean they aren't Americans, but they don't love the country for what it is, or was, they love themselves and their vision of being able to fix things (through tyranny and bullying) into America into becoming something better. Look at all the voices most willing to bash Americas past, present and future, based on a distorted view of a all three, and virtually all those voices are from the left. Here are some examples of them.