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Dan Rather tried to swiftboat George Bush right before the 2004 election with fraudulent documents about his service, and got caught and fired in what I refer to as the Rathergate fiasco. So in sympathy for their compatriots (liars in the media), Hollywood far lefties ganged up to try to distort history with 2015 propaganda film name "Truth", (ironically, I assume). Of course it starred far-left Robert Redford, and tried to make Rather/Mapes sympathetic victims that got caught in technicalities of journalism, and not the sell-outs to their professions that they were. Dan Rather loved it, claiming, "I think it's the best thing that's ever been up on the big screen". Everyone else thought it smelled like a New Delhi outhouse in summer. It only cost around $15M and still managed to lose money.

CBS banned all ads for the movie, and ripped it apart with the following statement, "It's astounding how little truth there is in Truth. There are, in fact, too many distortions, evasions and baseless conspiracy theories to enumerate them all. The film tries to turn gross errors of journalism and judgment into acts of heroism and martyrdom. That's a disservice not just to the public but to journalists across the world who go out every day and do everything within their power, sometimes at great risk to themselves, to get the story right."

Even Far-Left Atlantic, ripped it apart in their headline: "Truth: A Terrible, Terrible Movie About Journalism. James Vanderbilt's directorial debut gets almost everything wrong about its putative subject." -- and then the review got harsher. [1]

Wikipedia ran the most sympathetic story on the movie -- but the Talk section is fascinating, with people pointing out what a clusterfuck their article is, when even The Atlantic tears the movie apart and the article comes across as if it was a credible film.

Rotten Tomatoes is sort of the exception -- they gave it a 62%/62% reviewers/audience. Which shows that over half their reviewers are ignorant polemics, and over half their audience is right there with them.


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