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Trump's Foreign Policy can be summed up as:

  • Reduction in foreign entanglements and bring troops home (pulled us out of Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan).
  • Pressured our allies to pay more for our protection and to start raising their own defense spending (NATO)
  • Reduction in foreign aid, especially subsidizing countries that hate us (including the U.N.)
  • Reduced our participation in the Muslim Communist Front known as the U.N., including telling the WHO to piss off when they shilled for the Chinese and made the Pandemic worse.
  • Used that savings to increase our military spending from $600B to $738B[1]
  • Raise sanctions and diplomatic pressure on "bad" actor nations (China, Cuba and Iran - tearing up bad deals and Killing Terrorist Mastermind Gen. Qasem Soleimani, North Korea, Russia with giving Ukraine Weapons, Mexico with illegal immigration/drugs)
  • Working to end unfair trade to restore free trade: reworking NAFTA (USMCA), ended TPP and renegotiated with China (promised for the UK and EU next), got us out of the WTO.
  • Syria: Destroyed the ISIL/Islamic State caliphate that rose under Obama, killed its terrorist chieftain, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi[2] then destroyed Russian mercenaries that attacked U.S. troops. Last ISIS village fell on 03.23.2019
  • Recognizing Jerusalem as capital of Israel and moving our Embassy there (after 40 years of empty promises). (As well as recognizing the Golan Heights as part of Israel now).
  • Help us become energy independent (no longer reliant on the Middle East).
  • Worked towards peace in the Middle East (deals between Israel and UAE, Saudi Arabia, and many other muslim countries).


  • Jerusalem as capital of Israel. The duh that outraged the haters. We know appeasement of Palestine and the Arab world hasn't worked, so time to just favor our allies.
  • ⬆ The U.N. - calling them out on their bullshit, cutting their budget.
  • ⬆ Three black UCLA athletes arrested for shoplifting in China? Trump negotiated their release within the week. Obama let Otto Warmbier die due to his imprisonment.
  • Relations with China - he started with offering China the highest respect. [3] -- but also wouldn't put up with their bullshit when they're wrong, and dresses them down over issues that are not in America's best interests. So when China played hardball, released the coronavirus on the world, was caught spying -- he was also the hardest on them. Simple lesson to China: Carrot or Stick, you decide by your behavior.
  • Cuba Deal - Cancelling Obama's "one-sided Cuba Deal", and won't lift sanctions until political prisoners are freed. If you value civil rights for political prisoners, and the U.S. taking moral positions, then Trump was right and Obama was wrong -- even if like me, you think that we should have figured out how to end the Cuba impasse, long ago. [4]
  • Iran Deal - Cancelling Obama's "one-sided Iran Deal" (JCPOA), and won't lift sanctions until they behave better and stop sponsoring terrorism.
  • Trump Trade - I'm a fair trader, not a free trader or a protectionist. Trump lets his mouth get ahead of the facts, and leans a little too protectionist for me. But then others didn't stand up for American jobs, rules that are good for America, or enforcement. So Trump goes too far, at times. I could dislike his views, if the media/left didn't exaggerate them (and ignore their sides many bigger failues) and turn me off their cause. But in general, I know that he's putting America's interests first -- which is more than I can say for most administrations which figure if we bend over and treat them nicely, they won't look out for their best interests. History proves them wrong.

Trump Foreign Policy : 2 items

2020.08.13 UAE and Israel - AP completely discredits itself by calling this "a rare diplomatic win". If a Democrat Administration had brokered a massive diplomatic coup that ended the gulf Arab blockade against Israel (or roadmap for one), and got Israel to stop annexation plans in the West Bank, they'd being trumpeting this historical event. But they're trying to downplay the historic event, because it was done by Donald Trump.

2020.01.03 Qassim Soleimani killed by Trump -
After a dozen attacks by Iran, Trump killed a really, really bad guy (that ran their terror operations). OrangeMan is bad (to the far left and their media). Thus this was a bad thing that was going to cause WWIII, and it was all our fault. Whether intentional or through blind bias/incompetence, those that railed against this action demonstrate that they are anti-American trash that would rather see America burn, or our enemies thrive, than admit Trump did something right.


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Trump Accomplishments
Trump Accomplishments : 2 items
  • Trump Domestic Policy - Trump's Domestic Policy can be summed up as:
    • Reduction in federal taxes and regulations, resulting in 3.5% unemployment (lowest in history)
    • ObamaCare's damage was mitigated (eliminate mandate)
    • Appoint Constitutionalist Judges (empower individuals and States) - 2 Supremes, 53 federal appeals, 144 District Courts, 20 specialty.
    • Abortion: against the radical left's extreme positions on full term abortions and encroaching on religious freedoms by forcing others to do them and pay for it.
    • Prison reform (end falsely accused/imprisoned)
    • Pulling us out of the doomed-to-fail Paris Climate Accord, exceeded it's requirements (while Europe failed to live up to it), and we got Energy Independence instead.
    • Reorganization of Veterans Affairs.
    • COVID: Put travel bans on China, Iran, EU. Paycheck Protection Program, and pulled us out of perpetual lockdown that Democrats and their media advocated for - which kept the U.S. economy from collapsing under the Democrats Wuhan Virus response
    • Immigration: Completed more than 300 miles of the Border Wall, that Democrats promised they would do since the 1980's. deals with Mexico, El Salvador and Guatemala have helped stem a flow of illegal entries into the United States.
    • Replaced NAFTA w/United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement
    • Instead of cow-towing to Blue Bubble of FakeNews and progressive activism masquerading as the Tech Elite, he's willing to take them on, and get them to expose who they are (Marxists in Beanies), and what they believe in (bias, censorship, intolerance/contempt for mainstream views).