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The Democrats misremember the History of Obama as "those evil Republicans started obstructing Obama from the day he took office". Then they decided that was an excuse for them to behave far worse towards Trump, to set the example for the future (which they'll blame on the other side as well). This is the timeline of their efforts to destroy the current and future treatment of leaders.

Of course their perception isn't close to actual history. Obama came in as a community organizer, who made a career out of dividing one part of the community from the businesses, government, and rest of the community, in order to pressure the latter to get what his constituents (Special Interests) wanted. And if you look at how his administration behaved it was exactly like that: the Great Divider. When Republicans complained a few months in at how incredibly divisive he was being, he said, "I won", "elections have consequences", and he passed 3 hyper-partisan bills, ignored the conservatives concerns, and lied about them repeatedly, until 2 years later, the infamous, "we need to make Obama a 1-term President" was uttered by the Republicans (finally). And instead of considering meeting them part way (after an election trouncing), it became the rallying cry of the Democrats to say, "see, THEY are all the partisan racist obstructionists". Driving us further apart.

Even if you believe the Democrats fiction about how the Republicans obstructed Obama from before he took office. At least history shows they behaved better than the Democrats by initially not obstructing his Cabinet appointments, Judicial ones, not having protests until AFTER he ramrodded the worst spending bill in American history past, and so on. So even if you assume the worst of Republicans, Dems still behaved worse.

Election Loss


The agenda was clear. Hillary lost the election, to the suprise of no one that was paying attention to the actual national climate. But it was a complete shock of left coast provincials and the media, that were not. Then the Clinton Campaign machine (which had always been built on hate and, "the other side is worse", in the party that traditionally did the same), knew that if they didn't come up with a strategy to deflect, people might realize what a lousy candidate she was (that she couldn't win against The Donald), or they might remember the election rigging and bad behavior of the DNC. And thus their strategy to distract the gullible was devised (or grew organically).

The election wasn't legitimate! - they went to work in earnest trying to delegitimize the election.

Their first redirection was towards those deplorable and red-staters that didn't want to see the most corrupt and nasty candidate of a couple generations put in office. They only lost because it was only poor old write racists and sexists males that gave Trump the election. Invectives, condescension and polarization was their way of extending the olive branch and re-uniting America. Never mind that it was actually minorities and young that turned out more for Trump than prior Republicans.

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Then there was playing up the trauma of Hitler being elected, and how much fear and loathing there was by poor kids in college and minorities that were cowering in fear that immigration laws might be enforced, and thus Trump was going to bring in jack booted thugs to round people up and put them in interment camps like he was a Democrat (FDR) and they were Americans of Japanese decent.

They quickly mobilized their hate squad to commit dozens of violent false flag attacks against minorities (in Democrat controlled areas), to try to make it seem that Trump winning was the beginning of American fascism. Since then, many of the fake hate attacks have been shown to be fraudulent, but the media and Democrats have moved on, and the damage has been done. We have masses of ignorant that believe there was a surge in hate attacks because of Trump. And the more informed know that much (if not most) of the increase in hate crimes has come from the left.

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Their allies in the media played up every false act as proof of Trump and his supporters vile hatred and Fascism, and thus they needed to counter it. And boom, the community organizers got together and started their movements: #Never Trump, Not my President, #resist, "Resist, Obstruct, Delay" -- and so on. [1]:

So they knew that fiction would never persuade the rational for long (once they started reading the facts) the DNC/Hillary/Supporters broke their promise and demanded recounts: which went even more in Trump’s favor

then they went with a distraction about the popular vote versus electoral votes (which doesn't matter at all) then they did riots and violence (many acts of bullying) to try to pretend that Trump had destabilized us, when it was the violent left that had done so there were many fake claims of racism/bigotry by Trump supporters... but over time the truth will come out, that while hate crimes may have had a small blip, fake-hate crimes have had an astronomical leap.

After it was clear that sheer nastiness wasn't going to work, they attacked the Electoral College and had to try

Here's the chances they were willing to give him -- 6 months before he won, they were plotting how to take him down.

when he took office, and then they obstructed him. Thus, they decided they could do the same, only worse -- and start

From the moment

The summary and timeline of the Russian Hacker invention seems to be the following: