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List of women who claimed that Trump sexually assaulted them: E. Jean Carroll, Jessica Leeds, Kristin Anderson, Jill Harth, Cathy Heller, Temple Taggart McDowell, Karena Virginia, Melinda McGillivray, Rachel Crooks, Natasha Stoynoff, Jessica Drake, Ninni Laaksonen, Summer Zervos, Juliet Huddy, Alva Johnson, and Cassandra Searle. Most of them are not credible, and the media that reported them were reporting on FakeNews to try to swing an election (as proven how differently they write about Democrats sexual assault accusations, or how many stories they suppressed despite more evidence).


Right before the election of Trump, a bunch of democratic Women came forward all making claims that they were sexually assaulted by Donald Trump (and a few scattered claims since), but the thing they have common is they had never bothered to press charges, mention it before the election, and all have a lack of evidence... and often credibility to their claims: Like, "he raped me in a busy department store dressing room, after I went in there with him to try on a see-thru nighty, and nobody (or no camera) caught the exchange". The most often complaint is that he might have awkwardly kissed them -- but then Trump is a bit of a known germaphobe:

  1. ❓Kristin Anderson (early 1990s) - claims he groped her beneath her skirt in a Manhattan nightclub (the China Club?) in the early 1990s.[1] The China Club manager said he'd never heard any claims like that about Trump.
  2. 💩Lisa Boyne (mid 1990s) - claims that at dinner with Trump and other models, the models walked across the table, and he looked under their skirts, and described if they were wearing underwear. I'm not sure if that's even sexual assault, but the media claims it is. The person Lisa said invited her (Sonja Morgan), says the event never happened. And the person Lisa said she called after it happened to tell her about it (Karen Beatrice), also denies ever getting that call.
  3. 💩E. Jean Carroll - Non credible weirdo doing a book tour, with really funky contradictions and zero evidence.
  4. ❓Rachel Crooks (2005) - while running for public office on a Democratic ticket (which she won) she responded to the Hillary Campaign call for smears against The Donald and got national fame/media attention by claiming Trump once kissed her on the mouth without her consent while she was working as a receptionist for the Bayrock Group.
  5. 💩Jessica Drake (2006) - adult film star claims at a charity golf event (which she does have pictures with him), he invited her to his room, where he was kissing and groping other women, and she left. Then he called her and said he'd give her $10K to come back and they could use of his private jet to fly her back to L.A. Her publicist also claimed that Trump had made her sign an NDA like Stormy Daniels, then they retracted that part of the story.
  6. 💩Jill Harth (1992) - a makeup artist filed a lawsuit against Trump, after her sexual partner (George Houraney) was in a lawsuit against Trump. Once Trump settled with George, she suddenly dropped the accusations that he'd groped her under a table at a dinner with beauty pageant contestants in 1992. Never mind.
  7. ❓Cathy Heller (1997) - Staunch Hillary Clinton supporter came forward during the election with a claim that Trump once publicly greeting-kissed her on the side of the mouth during a public Mother's Day event, 20 years earlier. Her family corroborated her account. Nobody else seemed to notice or report it at the time, or since -- and a few commented that if he had done this, that it would have been the talk of Palm Beach (and never was).
  8. 💩Samantha Holvey (2006) - Miss USA loser claims that Trump, "would step in front of each girl and look you over from head to toe like we were just meat".
  9. ❓Ninni Laaksonen (2006) - Miss Universe loser claims he once grabbed her butt.
  10. 💩Jessica Leeds (early 1980s) - a Hillary supporter came forward in the last month of the campaign and claimed Trump felt her up on an airplane (in the early 80s). Despite being on a public airplane, in first class (with extra flight attendant scrutiny), the only witness that came forward was Antony Gilberthorpe, who said he saw "nothing untoward".
  11. ❓Mindy McGillivray (2003) - Hillary/Bernie voter jumped on the claims against Trump by saying that he once flirted with her and grabbed her ass from behind (13 years earlier). Then she said she was leaving the country due to the backlash. She had a bit of a sketchy history with a couple felonies (DUI, child neglect, breaking into a school).
  12. ❓Natasha Stoynoff (2005) - Democrat and former writer for People (owned by Time that ran the story), claims that Trump once tongue kissed her and suggested having an affair. Trump denied knowing her, but a photo surfaced with her around that time. He still called her a liar.
  13. 💩Karena Virginia (1998) - During a rash of smelly claims by Hillary supporters, Gloria Allred's Yoga instructor came forward with a tall tale. Gloria is a known media whore and Trump hater. Hey Yoga Instructor (Karena Virginia) claims that Trump (in 1998) grabbed her arm and might have accidentally brushed her breast, and when she flinched he said, "don't you know who I am".
  14. ❓Summer Zervos (2007) - former Apprentice contestant claims that he kissed her when she came to him and asked him for advice. So she came back for advice again, and she said he groped her. She sued him for defamation because he called her a liar.
  15. 💩Alva Johnson (2016) - she sued him for sexual battery because she claims, "that Mr. Trump ‘forcibly’ kissed her on the mouth"... and the video surfaced and it was as benign as humanly possible, showing that he gave a campaign staffer a friendly kiss on the cheek, that she leaned in for. Her accusations were a lie. It was laughed out of court, and she opted not to re-file, whining that the system was rigged and Trump had unlimited resources. Omitting that he did nothing wrong by cheek pecking someone. [2]

Miss Universe

Rolling Stone (and others) tried to investigate a few women's allegations (eventually the count got to 7) of creepiness in the couple decades that Donald Trump owned Miss Universe, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA. His worst "crime" seemed to be that he'd go back-stage (with escorts) and talk to the women while some of them were getting dressed: which is pretty common practice in Pageants, fashion shows and sports locker rooms. If you do the math it's something like a few thousand participants, not counting the female staff, friends and families, and they can find 6 that had non-criminal problems with him, that only came out after he ran for President? (And a few that defended him). I don't necessarily approve, but I'm not exactly shocked, nor think it's nearly as bad as what Kennedy or a Clinton did, so this is FakeNews to pretend any of this was either sexual harassment or criminal.

  1. 💩Mariah Billado (1997) - lost a teen USA pageant, complained that Tump went backstage while some were getting dressed.
  2. 💩 Tasha Dixon (2001) - lost a teen USA pageant, complained that Tump went backstage while some were getting dressed.
  3. 💩Brook Antoinette Mahealani Lee (1997) - Trump asked the reigning Miss Universe if she thought his daughter was hot.
  4. 💩Alicia Machado (1996) - when she failed to make weight and broke the contract for the scholarship/etc, instead of throwing her out, they gave her time to get back in form. The crazy Latina who was accused of accomplice in an attempted murder (drove the get-away car for her BF), and who think China is South Korea, complained that instead of firing her, he called her “Miss Piggy” and gave her a second chance.
  5. 💩Cassandra Searles (2013) - a loser in the pageant accused him of making all the women re-do a walk (as if that's harassment?), or that he, "grabbed my ass and invited me to his hotel room". But nothing came of that claim.
    • Paromita Mitra (2013) - backed up Cassandra Searles claim, that he made them re-do the walk.
  6. 💩Bridget Sullivan (2000) runner-up for Miss USA 2000 said that he once walked through dressing rooms while many contestants were undressed.
  7. 💩Temple Taggart McDowell (1997) - right before the election, former Miss USA claims that Trump once unwanted kissed her on the mouth (no tongue), back in 1997.


Out of 21 or so, there are about 1/3rd (7 or so) that seem more credible/plausible. But the "crime" is that he hit on them poorly, and either kissed them or grabbed their ass. Compare that to Bill Clinton raping and not taking "no" and women had to physically fight him off while Hillary attacked the "bimbo" squad if they came forward, Kennedy killing a girl, or Al Gore's sexual assaults of a masseuse, and this is hardly shocking. Even Bernie Sanders rape fiction seems worse than kissing a girl, or that Trump went backstage at a Beauty Contest he ran -- just like most Fashion Designers at a Fashion Show. Not one of the women filed charges at the time, or even made a stink about what he did: which kind of implies they didn't think it crossed over to criminal (unlike Clinton). Only when he ran for office did the left have a problem with it, and I suspect none of them would have been as vocal if it was a good far-lefty that had done it.

That's not excusing it or whataboutism, it's called context. The Press doesn't give a shit about worse behavior by Democrats (until after they lose), and they suppressed stories with far more evidence than all of these put together. Some are unpublishable drivel, for anyone else. And so far, they're calling awkward passes as sexual harassment? While I don't think he's exactly an upstanding guy, that doesn't cross the bar for me as anything other than a douche. And the Press loses credibility points for omitting context about who the accusers were, when/how they published (to try to sabotage his campaign), and how they spun this as a story. So my problem is their double-standards.


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