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I love the Freakanomics books.

A lot of it is confirmation bias: I already think like a freak (much of the time), so most of their stories were snippets of things I'd read, or ways that I try to approach problems, or ways I like to think. But reminding me of all the unintended consequences, and remembering to solve the right problem, just makes me happy. It's easy to get in ruts, or think small, like answering people's questions -- instead of stopping, pausing, asking what they REALLY are trying to get to, and answering that instead.

I was going to write a review, and explain what it was about, but Laura Shin @ Forbes did a more detailed synopsis than I was going to write. But with this book, it's the journey (not the destination). Just listen to the stories and let your mind wander on all the times you've done/seen things similar (both on the smart side, and the not-so-freakish side).

This was the opposite of TL;DR, it was TS;OTQ (Over too quickly).

Written: 2015.04.20