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This is a short list of some of the "smartest Gun-Controllers in the room". This isn't just "gotcha" type mistakes, this is about Gun Control advocates fundamental failure to understand the basics of what they're talking about. I'd be happy to find a gun-controller that could talk about the basic parts and operation without sounding like an idiot, but this article is about the examples of the 99% that are giving the rest a bad name. The things they said that make the informed gun-owners double-face-palm, and undermines the interests of any rational gun controllers. Some day I'll meet one of the latter.

Issue Lie Truth
Gun Controllers
🤪 Unreasonable
The left pretends all their ideas are reasonable. They do this by not understanding basic operation of guns, and appealing to those who do not either. So they're only reasonable to those who suffer from Dunning-Kruger (the beginner-expert problem). A law is a reflection of the authors and advocates: if they aren't informed, then the laws they write aren't going to be reasonable. Virtually everyone that learns the facts switches sides: the vast majority of gun controllers (like the ones listed), are uninformed with no understanding of the tool, history of gun control laws, or the efficacy of what they propose -- thus what they propose isn't "reasonable".

The purpose of this article isn't to malign everyone who supports gun control: I'm sure there's some sincere folks who know the basics of guns. Someday I'll meet one. But this article is about the other: the ones with strong opinions made well before basic understanding of what they have an opinion on, and to help understand why some gun advocates have learned complete and utter contempt for gun controllers: it's the 99% that give the rest a bad name.

🗒️ NOTE:
Some might claim these are just technicalities, but they show proficiency and understanding. Would you trust your life to a doctor who didn't know what a stethoscope was, or what part went in his ear? I certainly won't trust laws that limit my liberty to nitwits that don't know the basics of how a gun operates or basic terminology.


The is the best and brightest of the gun controllers. Gun Control : 50 items

Battle of Athens - A particularly ignorant anti-2A argument goes, "the military has tanks and nukes, what do you think you would do against that?" It's moronic on several levels, as armed rebellion is rare, but the military often defects as well. But if they had a clue and remembered things like the Civil War, or various rebellions to change policies (even civil rights was a bit of a rebellion). Most of all was an example of when armed rebellion by civilians has been used in America as recently as 1946 and the Battle of Athens, to overthrow a corrupt local government (Democrat E. H. Crump's political machine). Which is why Democrats want gun-control so badly, so that people can't rise up against their tyranny.

Newsweak blows Gun Control argument - Newsweek's Asher Stockler quotes a University of Michigan study on gun-death rates and misrepresents the facts that, the only two states that saw decrease in firearm mortality rates, were strict gun control, California, New York, and DC. Unfortunately for them, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii, Rhode Island, and Connecticut all saw decreases as well. And NV, AZ both have constitutional carry and very 2A-friendly laws. Also Massachusetts, New Jersey and Illinois are strict gun control states and they saw a big increases in the gun death rates (>20%), far more than other gun friendly states. And if you glance beyond the surface, in most of the states that saw increases, that increase is due to an uptrend in suicides (not murder or crimes), and suicide rates went up faster than gun suicide rates. So the point is enact gun control and have your suicide and gun deaths go up? Or is it just that leftist outlets like Newsweek lie to their readers.

@Jennifer4130 - Internet/Twitter Celebrity (Jennifer Mom) - became popular in 2014 with #GunSense #NotOneMore hashtag campaigns. She's so dumb, it's hard to tell if she's a troll or not -- but her followers seem to take her seriously -- so even if she's not dumb, her followers appear to be buying it. Her tweet about filing down the firing pin to make a gun fully automatic is classic Jennifer. Along with AR stands for assault rifle (it means Armalite), and a dozen other things. All that would really do, is mean is that your gun can't fire. Gun owners link her stuff: to mock her and her audience. But the fact that so many people follow her both amuses and infuriates the gun-cluefull folks, while her followers dutifully retweet her drivel.

Arthur Acevedo -
John Marshall Law School, Chicago Tribune. Arthur Acevedo made a statement that any fact checker would have caught as moronic, if only the Chicago Tribune had any. What did he say that was so dumb? "For safety: the first bullet in every cops gun should be a blank"

A blank can not operate a semi-automatic weapon. It's not that Acevedo made a bone-headed mistake that a few 9 year olds would know better. It's that we have University professors and Chicago Tribune writers, who don't know the first thing about the basic operations of a weapon, or impacts of a policy, and that qualifies them in their minds (and the publications) to comment as an expert, and forgo the fact checking.

Australian Fires -
The media loves to sensationalize the Australian fires and blame them on Global Warming. Facts?
  • The latest 50 years are wetter than the prior 50.
  • 40% of fires are deliberately lit and 47% accidental: thus 87% are not Climate but manmade.
  • 183 people have been arrested for lighting 103 of the bushfires over the last few months.
  • Australia's firebug problem scaled up after gun confiscation (or in spite of gun control) and new poor land management polices.

Hey Climate, you're doing it wrong. The truth is that it's more a consequence of Gun Control (crime control) and poor land management.

Bernie on Gun Control - Bernie Sanders is ipecac to high IQ voters, especially on economics or guns. His latest Gun ideas come straight from Bloombergs everytownUSA or moms demand inaccuracy. His 4 point plan of the illiterate is: (1) We have Universal background checks and they don't work. (2) gun show loophole is an imaginary thing being used as an excuse to violate the right to privacy (3) Assault weapons are a made-up term over banning cosmetic features that don't impact rate or power (4) His imagined "Straw-man" provision, which is already against the law.

Biden on Guns - “150 million people have been killed since 2007,” Biden declared... or about half the U.S. population? His campaign claimed that it was a 150 thousand (not million), but that's sort of an exaggeration that misses the point. According to the CDC about 80% of those were gang violence, and since gangs smuggle drugs, they can easily smuggle guns -- thus gun control can't impact those rates in any material way. Filter out those, and we're suddenly talking about 2,100 of the 2.5 millions deaths per year in the U.S.

Bonnie Schaefer -
(D) DNC Platform Committee member - she said that no one should own a gun, “I really don’t personally think anyone should have a gun, I mean that’s just my own — you know — philosophy. Nothing is ever solved when you have a gun in your hand, except the worst possible scenario”. Yup, to her, the "worst possible scenario" is that you weren't raped, murdered or assaulted while waiting the 15 minutes for the cops to arrive. Each year somewhere around a couple million people have a DGU (Defensive Gun Use) where they stopped a crime or saved a life with a gun. That's the worst possible scenario she can imagine.

Booker on Gun Laws - Cory isn't just ignorant about everything else, he's profoundly ignorant on Guns and Gun Laws. So much so, that he doesn't even recognize how little he knows. He claims there are loopholes like, no fly lists, gun show loophole, and so on. Those aren't loopholes, those are called rights that he wants to violate like due process, free commerce and so on.

British Media and 5 inch guns -
The Daily Star had an outraged headline, "We just blew £183m on a five-inch gun, but it’s ‘a good value for taxpayers"... the premise seems to be that they think a 5" gun (Naval Diameter Canon), is just 5" long handgun. You can tell because the subhead was, “the length of a toothbrush.” After getting resoundingly mocked, they since corrected the story, but they point isn't just that a staff writer was that stupid, but that the Senior editors and fact checkers were also that dumb so that no one caught it. That says what you need to know about about their collective wisdom on anything gun related.

CBS on Guns -
CBS running a story that mentions "an Assault Revolver", with high capacity magazines. It has to be a joke, right? Of course 60 Minutes did a whole segment on AR-15 Bullets and how they were more dangerous than other bullets: they aren't. If they had a fact checker on staff, they'd know that.

CNN Gun Control - CNN Gun Control -
For 38 years, there have been many, many bad shows that demonstrated CNN's anti-liberty (Anti-2A) biases, and their lack of competent fact checkers. Piers Morgan deserves special mention as a gun-incompetent expert for CNN, regularly getting schooled by guests. Everyone makes mistakes. But the example image shows a screen cap with the kind of consistently bad slop that comes to define CNN when it comes to guns. I have yet to see CNN gun-reporting that wasn't mockworthy. Some examples:
  • They don't even know the difference between caliber and millimeter (pretty basic stuff).
  • 0.223mm is about 1/128th of an inch. It is either a .223 Caliber (how much of an inch across it is), or it's a 5.56mm.
  • They also got wrong 0.9mm (9mm) and .22mm long rifle (22LR).
  • I think they only tried to add the "long rifle" because it sounded "scary". In truth, the 22LR is the weakest common rifle or pistol round you can get. (Though the .22 short was first created in 1857 for kids to learn to shoot paper with).
  • To give you a sense of scale on 2,000 rounds: boxes are 50-100 rounds, bulk is 500-1,000 rounds (5-10 boxes). The average person shoots a few boxes every time they practice. So this maniac had enough ammo to go shooting 3 or 4 times with each gun. In Texas or Arkansas upon hearing of that stockpile, their first thought would be, "Bubba's running bone dry on ammo".

That isn't the first time they've been stupid or dishonest about guns. Including:

  • 2018.05.18 Jim Sciutto and Sara Murray both tweeted how we had 22 school shootings so far this year, using Everytown for Gun Safety's long discredited fake methodology.
  • 2018.02.27 In a FakeNews story trying to sensationalize how dangerous an AR-15 is, they got some dingleberry General to do/say everything wrong in firing it, and totally fuck up the "facts", like "Full Semi-Automatic". Their "report" became a meme mocked by anyone who knows the basics of guns.
  • 2018.03.21 They invite every far left anti-Gun parkland teen to pontificate on ideas beyond their intellectual carry capacity, but refuse to invite a single conservative teen on (they're too informed). They finally, invite one, to preserve the sham of being a news site, but quickly disinvite him for a retweet about one of their sports commentators. It's almost like they were looking for an excuse to avoid letting the other side on.
  • 2018.02.21 A story CNN was pumping about a school shooting survivor, just happens to have a mom who was a CNN VIP (and they never disclosed that).
  • 2018.02.21 CNN's Chris Cuomo posts false story about being able to buy a gun without proper ID or background check. Lies about it. Refuses to apologize. None demanded by CNN.
  • 2018.02.06 - Parkland Lies: after Parkland shooting, CNN media reporter Brian Stelter attacked Republicans for being "scared" to come on CNN and debate gun control. Chris Cuomo specifically called out Ted Cruz for not rising to the challenge. Ted Cruz had done a 15 minute interview earlier that day, and they aired none of it, because he made them look stupid. (Which isn't hard).

So we have an example of CNN tarting up their slides (Click-bait), being obviously biased, getting fundamental facts wrong, not doing quality work or having competent fact checkers with a basic clue about guns. So this little example sums up CNN on Guns for the last 38 years: you get dumber watching them.

Carolyn McCarthy -
(D) NY Representative - has no clue what a “barrel shroud” is, although she wants to outlaw it in her own legislation. She was questioned about it, and the hest she can do is “it’s a shoulder thing that goes up.” It isn't (I think she's talking about a folding stock). A barrel shroud is a small plastic/wood/metal cover that surrounds the barrel to prevent burns when it heats-up under high rates of fire), or just to make the gun easier to hold or attach accessories to. Her ignorance started a lot mocking memes,.

Chris Matthews on Guns -
(D) polemic for NBC, MSNBC - so much dumb:
  • Uses Everytown for Gun Safety debunked fraudulent numbers
  • Didn't know about NRA gun safety programs
  • Doesn't know the basics of the gun control laws we have (or that the NRA and others support)

There are 3 faces of Chris on Guns: Ignorant, Liar, or both.

DNC on Gun Control - It's not just one Democrat that says stupid things about gun control, it seems to be the majority who either say stupid things when the party tells them to bark, or at best, they don't resist their side when they say stupid things. So until the party at least has some conflicts and disagreements when their most vocal members saying the most stupid things, then the whole party does deserve to be judged by their leadership and their most popular voices. While republicans are allowed to disagree with each other, and there's few 100% consensus issues, the Democrats seem to tow-the-line and have anti-gun morons and liars, and the silent. Little diversity of though on this or most issues.

David Hogg -
One of the loudest sock puppets for the alt-left in the #MarchForOurLives, here's a High School kid, that parlayed being near a school shooting, and a radicalized ignorance on guns and gun control, into having the short term love and adoration of the far left. Of course these fad activists come and go, and tomorrow he'll be forgotten like any secondary activist in a leftist cause, or Hollywood C-list celebrity. So long and thanks for all the clickbait.

Diana DeGette -
(D) Colorado Congresswoman - claimed during an April 2 gun control forum in Denver, "If you ban (high cap magazines) in the future, the number of these high-capacity magazines is going to decrease dramatically over time because the bullets will have been shot and there won't be any more available." Um, Bullets go in magazines, they don't magically come from them. This wasn't just a gaffe, this is totally misunderstanding how everything works.

Eric Swalwell -
Eric Michael Swalwell is an obnoxious politician (ex DNC Presidential Candidate) from a district next to me. His defining cause was his fascist positions against guns and for Gun Control including door-to-door seizures and using nukes against those who resisted (his words). He spoke at my work as a representative of House Committee on Science, Space and Technology: he didn't have a clue on any of those. He lead a crusade for knife control (against lifting a ban against pocketknives at airports). I went in open-minded and curious what he had to say about tech, and I left with utter contempt and disgust that this guy was a member of my species. He made me unsure if he wasn't just Maxine Waters wearing whiteface and in drag.

Everytown for Gun Safety -
Everytown for Gun Safety is a Michael Bloomberg financed propaganda outfit dedicated to undermining and eradicating the 2A (and NRA) through the use of Fake Studies in order to misinform the public on guns, crime and gun safety. Or just get their facts wrong by 4x exaggerations. It was created by merging two prior failed and discredited outfits of Bloomberg's, 'Mayors Against Illegal Guns' and 'Moms Demand Action'. The board of advisors is a veritable who's who of those who are far left and don't know what's what (wrt Guns). When they had one of their propaganda photos showing a guy loading bullets backwards, Twitter naturally blocked the guy that mocked them for it.

Feinstein on Guns -
Highlights of her gun control include:
  • A famous picture at a press conference, breaking the first rule of gun safety, "Never put your finger on the trigger, until you're ready to shoot". This became a mockery for 20 years of what not to do. Many other famous Democrats have followed in her footsteps with guns as props, doing the same stupid thing.
  • This wouldn't be so bad except Madam Hypocrite got herself a Conceal and Carry permit (the required training tells you never to put your finger on the trigger), so she was supposed to know better. She's a hypocrite because she's advocated to block Conceal and Carry for everyone else, but answered that politicians and celebrities are special, so should be exceptions to the law. (They're more important).
  • During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on gun control, she claimed her proposed semi-automatic weapons ban would finally make it illegal to hunt people. (As if it wasn't already).
  • Ted Cruz asked her a loaded question about whether her contemptuous arguments agains the 2nd Amendment also applied to the First, and she had a hissy fit and ranted about what she knew about guns (and made a half dozen lies/errors about guns), then lectured Ted Cruz on the Heller ruling and the Constitution. Ted Cruz, is not only a Constitutional Lawyer (unlike her), but he was the one that drafted the Amicus Brief that was used to argue and win the Heller decision she was erroneously lecturing him on. Since her base doesn't know much, it didn't cost her much with her voters -- but anyone with a clue groaned and laughed at her ignorance.
  • During 1994 Feinstein authored the Clinton-Era Assault Weapons Ban and claimed it didn't go far enough in restricting firearms, "If I could have banned them all -- 'Mr. and Mrs. America turn in your guns' -- I would have!" -- then she argues that, "nobody wants to take your guns, we just want REASONABLE gun-control". And wonders why people don't trust her?

Gersh Kuntzman -
(D) NYDailyNews writer. The appropriately named Kuntzman fired a weapon and had a literary meltdown about how scary it was, and exaggerates (to comical levels) everything to do with the gun and his experience. His serious piece in the far-left NYDailyNews reads like satire (to the informed) and shows everything wrong with gun controllers and scare-mongers. The AR-15 is one of the lightest hunting rifles and has a recoil spring to make it even easier for 9 year old girls to fire (or guys fire it off their nose and testicles). To him it was a canon or bazooka that bruised his shoulder and threw sulfurous shells whizzing past his face. Then he got wrong rate of fire, that it was a military weapon, or that you can get PTSD from firing a gun at a range. The first syllable of Gersh's last name certainly fits him to a T. He single handedly proved to the gun-aware what lying douchebags leftist writers are.

Gun Buybacks - One of the dumbest things in America (symbolism over substance)

Gun Control and Genocide -
Does gun-control ALWAYS lead to Genocide? Of course not every time... just more often than not. Or put another way, not all gun control leads to genocide, but every genocide was precipitated and facilitate with gun control. Since gun control has no good (positive) correlation with crime, suicide or murder rates -- the only question is why risk it? If gun control empowers the government over liberty and minorities, why take away a natural right, and start a civil insurrection over something that doesn't have a historical upside, and can lead to very big downsides? That risk/reward ratio seems pretty fucked up.

Gun show loophole - The gun show loophole is a lie perpetuated by the liars for the ignorant. Most of the sellers at gun shows are Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs). By law, they're required to perform background checks on all sales, regardless of where the sale takes place (either at a gun show or at their brick and mortar store). The loophole is that in theory, two parties can meet at the show, and make a deal to go to the parking lot and make a sale (trade). However, that is against the rules of all the gun shows I've been at. And that can happen anywhere -- online, at a gun store or range, or at a McDonald's. Even there, if the seller believes the buyer is prohibited to buy, or is on any kind of controlled substance, the sale is actually deemed illegal. So the imaginary "loophole" is that it is not a crime to sell or give a gun to someone else who has a legal right to have it, without the government involved?!

Jennifer Barringer -
(forensic expert) embarrassed herself on multiple times (Tru TV, Fox News, HLN, CBS and CNN) with absurd gun claims like "you can guns at grocery stores in Texas", "Ban scopes", "you can add adapters to make the rifle shoot faster", "your bullet doesn't have to be ejected between shots", and so on.

Jesse Jackson -
(D) is a race baiting media whore, that never missed an opportunity to jump in front of the camera and do something from attention. His fame came from Martin Luther King, and his death, when Jesse dipped his hand in still warm blood pool for the cameras. While I don't mind some of his accomplishments, and he brought fame to legitimate issues, more often he was there to inflame people and increase racial friction to get the spotlight.
  • 2016.07.10 - While in Texas, he said for the cameras that AK-47, ‘can bring down airplanes'. The dumb is strong with this one. Unlike boxcutters or radical Islam, to date, no commercial airplane in the U.S. has ever been brought down by small arms fire. While it might be theoretically possible while the plane is landing, and you got an impossibly lucky shot, the only practical way that’s happening is if you got one on-board, and shot the pilot.
  • 2012.06.06 - While trying to start a march against Gun Stores in Texas, he tried to create the march mantra that gun control creates jobs, "guns out, jobs in." I have no idea where he was going with that, but it went about as well as expected in Texas.

Joe Biden -
(D) Vice President and Presidential Candidate - claimed, "Well, you know, my shotgun will do better for you than your AR-15, because you want to keep someone away from your house, just fire the shotgun through the door". Someone's been watching too many cowboy westerns: it isn't going through a modern solid door, and you'd be breaking the law by doing it, especially if you hit someone (like the child on the other side). He went on to repeat variants of this stupidity (showing he's slow to learn). It's not all Democrat gun opinions that are wrong, it's just the 95% that give the rest a bad name.

Joe Salazar -
(D) Colorado State Representative - with regards to why women on campus shouldn't use a gun to stop rape, "It's why we have call boxes, it's why we have safe zones, it's why we have the whistles. Because you just don't know who you're gonna be shooting at... And you don't know if you feel like you're gonna be raped, or if you feel like someone's been following you around or if you feel like you're in trouble when you may actually not be, that you pop out that gun and you pop ... pop a round at somebody." Basically, this is the equivalent of Saudi's not trusting Women to drive. They can't be trusted with bang sticks because they're too emotional and likely to shoot inappropriately. And if a few more Women get raped for Joe's political agenda, that's a price he's willing to pay. Personally, I'm OK with a woman shooting someone trying to rape her. In fact, I'm sort of a fan of it. It would likely cut down on rapes more than whistles and call boxes.

John Kerry on Guns - In support of Joe Biden, the former Secretary of State John Kerry decided to show his gun wisdom with the idiocy, "I’m a hunter. I’m a gun owner. I’ve been one all my life. There’s not a veteran here who would take an AR-16 with a long clip to go out and shoot a deer or shoot anything.” -- sigh. He got the gun wrong (AR-15, not 16), and the concept wrong, since it's the most popular sporting rifle out there (and that includes popular for hunting), though technically, its more for smaller game/varmints, when you go after deer/elk, they tend to use the AR-10 (.30 and larger caliber variants). Kerry being one of the more experienced gun controllers is still an idiot or a liar.

Katy Tur -
(D) NBC/MSNBC correspondent/anchor - she became famous by dating far-lefty Keith Olbermann, and not knowing basics of Republican positions, and what semiautomatic or Glock means before talking about guns. She doesn't know the difference between automatic and semi-automatic, and thinks "Glock" defines a rate of fire, instead of a brand. The problem is since the questions are usually scripted, it implies no one on the staff knew either. So I'd say to her, "Honey, next time, do your research before you do your segments, like a big-girl journalist".

Kevin De Leon -
(D) California Senator - California Senator Kevin De Leon in a press conference about SB 808 (which he sponsored, and was vetoed by Gerry Brown as incompetent and impractical) he rambles on about Ghost Guns, and all sorts of stuff he gets wrong by saying ".30 caliber magazine clip:... "it can disperse 30 bullets in half a second": (1) That's a rate of fire no gun has (about 20x actual) (2) It's .223 caliber not .30 caliber (3) It's a magazine -- a magazine clip is something else (not used in AR-15's). He passed 11 bills, "to prevent gun violence", none of which have, or could have, any impact on gun violence, because the authors of these laws don't understand the basics of the tool, or human nature. Like his law saying if you make a gun, you have to put a serial number on it, and register it. Like if you're going to commit a felony mass murder, you're going to do that, and that would do anything to prevent it? They're dead, and the shooters dead, but at least we can trace it back to the body it's lying next to.

Kirsten Gillibrand -
(D) NY Senator]] - NY Politicians with a D after their name, means they're corrupt, an idiot or a liar -- with a few managing the trifecta. To give you an idea of her logical capabilities, after a mass shooting done with a shotgun, she said this proves why we need to ban the assault weapons, bumb stocks, and other things that are "common-sense" gun control. Especially if you remember that none of them would have mattered in this case. She brags about how she turned from an A to an F rating by the NRA by flipping on her constituents. She can get more votes from Brooklyn than she loses from upstate (where she was from). And that's good enough for her. And she's flipped on many topics and put knives in allies backs, when it suits her.

Lawrence O'Donnel -
He started his careers as a Pat Moynihan's page. A classic DC joke was, "Why don't congressmen use bookmarks? Because they like their pages bent-over!" and that explains Lawrence O'Donnel's reflex for bending over at the site of any Democrat who came on his show, and being a nasty human towards those he doesn't agree with (politically or otherwise). He's an admitted, "European Socialist" and "I lie to the extreme left," (his words), so he deserves credit for being open about his anti-liberty and anti-American bias. And he's actually got a quick wit (and quicker temper), but he only uses his powers for evil. He wrote/co-wrote/helped produce dozens of episodes for Aaron Sorkin's show, The West Wing, which won an Emmy award. And has a history of being a contentious host... for conservatives. But he saves his best idiocy for his views on Gun Control, like not knowing that pistols and rifles have the same rate of fire, or claiming that because an AR-15's bullets are faster, that you can't kill them with a pistol's slower bullets?

Leland Yee -
(D) California State Senator - one of the loudest anti-Gun voices in California (a state full of anti-Gun fascists), was always Leland. He was lecturing us all on not having Assault Weapons in the hands of the people, right before he got arrested for illegal arms trafficking. As you can only imagine of a California Democrat Hypocrite, he had accolades out the wazoo, while doing international weapons trafficking by buying $2.5M in illegal assault weapons and rocket launchers from an Islamic Terrorist organization in the Philippines (for sale in the U.S.), only to find out that he made the deal with an undercover FBI agent. Oh, and the $42,800 in unrelated bribes he'd taken was also from undercover FBI agents. He was sentenced to 5 years in prison.

Louise Slaughter -
(D) - NY Congresswoman. The appropriately named 13-term congresswoman blamed the Second Amendment for violent crime, saying "Americans aren't safe anywhere" and gun control "has to be done" to protect citizens from themselves and their constitutionally guaranteed individual right to own a firearm. Then she made one of the dumbest quotes since Maxine Waters learned to speak. "The Second Amendment only protects the people who want all the guns they can have. The rest of us, we've got no Second Amendment. What are we supposed to do?"... I don't know, respect other people's choices, rights and liberty? You could try that.

Media Matters on Guns - Media Matters is gloriously ignorant on just about every topic they touch, but on guns? Especially so. Here's their Deputy Director of Rapid Response arguing that the AR-15 stands for Assault Rifle 15th revision. For the record, it stands for Armalite (the company that first made it) and it would take about 30 seconds to verify that). But this guy has quadruple down claiming he knows what he's talking about. Yeah, about as much as his readers do, which isn't much

Michael Bloomberg (D) NYC Mayor, Billionaire -
This gun-moron and hypocrite always has 5 armed bodyguards around him. He's always hated guns, and demonstrated basic ignorance about them. In one video he demonstrated he doesn't know the difference between fully and semi-automatic (what defines a real Assault Rifle banned since the 1930's, and the invented term Assault Weapon that he wants to ban, because it has plastic parts that make it looks like an Assault Rifle). He says you pull the trigger once and "pap...pap...pap...pap". Nope, those are illegal. He goes on to show he doesn't know rifles, pistols, or hunting. Hey Mikey, if you don't know what you're talking about, put down the megaphone. I'm sometimes amazed he can operate dining utensils without hurting himself.

NBC on Guns - NBC doesn't understand the differences between an AR-15, and a pump action shotgun, as demonstrated in this YouTube video. Not only wasn't a fact checker used, but not a single person in their editorial staff knew the basics enough to recognize their own gaffe.

National March on NRA -
David Hogg, and other paid astroturfing fronts (they have huge funding from all the usual far-left sources) started these Marches on various things for their causes, ignoring their low turn-out and declining enthusiasm, they're not very bright. For example, if you go to their page and look at their list of proposed "Assault Weapons" that should be banned? The list came from the game "Call of Duty", and includes $10,000+ curios, relics, antiques, bolt action guns and so on. Are those assault weapons? No. But they just know if a game has them, then must be banned. I wouldn't be surprised if the BFG popped up on their lists. I'd joke that we should go through GTA (Grand Theft Auto) and other car games than sensationalize speeding, and ban all the vehicles listed there as well, but these sock-puppets would probably agree and try. To top it all off, their leader (David Hogg), showed up to a gun control rally, with Armed Security. When he's old enough to get irony, he'll laugh at himself.

Obama on Gun Control.jpg
Obama on Gun Control - One of the great dividers biggest accomplishments was in taking a dead issue (gun control) and re-igniting it, getting many more mass shootings by drawing attention to them, and getting both sides enraged at each other: the left over not being able to violate the second amendment with impunity, and the right over the ignorance and dishonesty of the gun controllers. Examples:
  • Fast and Furious / Gunrwalking scandal - this is where the Obama administration (BATF under Holder) was selling guns to Mexican drug cartels, failing to track them, until some Americans (including Brian Terry) were shot with them. It was done to fluff up a DNC narrative that Mexico's gun problems were because of the U.S. So they got caught trying to plant evidence to have an excuse for pushing for more gun control. The Republicans wanted an investigation, but "the most transparent administration, ever" used executive privilege to obstruct the investigation into Holder and Obama's participation, denied the President had pushed it, and blamed Bush because Bush had found out about a smaller ATF effort (called Wide Receiver) and had shut down the effort and recommended it never be tried again (which the Obama admin ignored and restarted).
  • Obama said utterly dishonest and retarded things like, "And then there’s a reality that there are neighborhoods around the country where it is easier for a 12 or 13-year-old to purchase a gun, and cheaper, than it is for them to get a book" As if he's never heard of How do you download a gun off the Internet? If it was true, it would only show the failure of gun control, since those neighborhoods he's most likely talking about would be in strict gun-controlled and Democrat controlled places like Chicago, D.C. and Detroit. He's exposing the failures of gun control, and isn't bright enough to realize he's saying, "It's not working, we need more of it!".
  • Obama Gun Quotes - he was the most anti-Gun President in our lifetime, after campaigning to be the opposite.
  • Obama fact-check on Guns - his speeches were littered with errors, mistruths, distortions and outright lies about guns. We know that sensationalizing mass shootings gets copy-cats, so he and the media sensationalized every one to the max, and tried to "never let an opportunity go to waste", to attack legal gun owners, with legislation that they called "reasonable gun control", even though not one of the laws offered would have stopped the shootings that had happened.
  • Obama's gun truths and consequences - the results are he was the gun salesman in History. Gun sales hit record highs because rational people felt he was trying to undermine their inalienable right to self defense.

Patricia Eddington (D) NY Assemblywoman -
Infamously stupid quote, "Come on. This is crazy, you can't use this for hunting… some of these bullets have an incendiary device on the tip of it… which is a heat seeking device. So you don’t shoot deer with a bullet that size. If you do, you could cook it at the same time".
  1. incendiary tips are likely "tracer rounds" - people don't use them because of the fire hazard
  2. they aren't heat seeking, they cast light so you can see them travel
  3. they could be used for hunting (it's no more/less lethal)
  4. they might cauterize the hole they make, but they're not "cooking" the animal

Pelosi on Gun Control -
When asked about gun rights, Nancy explained, "We're talking about no further sales of assault weapons... no further sales of... 30 rounds in a gun. We're re talking about background checks which is very popular, even among gun owners, and, hunters. We avow the First Amendment." Nobody can pack a paragraph with stupid like Nazi-Nancy. Let's break that down error by offensive error.

Sandy Sheedy (D) California councilwoman -
Another infamously stupid quote, “There’s been lots of people that have been shot by an unloaded gun, and whether it’s loaded or not, it still presents a threat.” You could almost forgive the first part as that's repeated in gun safety, "the most dangerous gun is an unloaded one". But the point isn't literal, it's to reiterate the point, "treat every gun as if it's loaded". But she seems to be taking it more literal by going on in the second part, "whether it’s loaded or not, it still presents a threat". Um, not really.

Shannon Watts -
Activists aren't moderates.

Shanon founded "Moms Demand Action" to spread lies about guns and shooting to further her anti-2A agenda. Another ignorant loudmouth with a cause. I don't like ignorant know-it-alls, especially the sanctimonious hypocrite and willing-to-lie-for-their-cause kind. She talked about rate of fire, and fucked it up (10 rounds per minute was exceeded in the 1600's). Then she rants about a scary assault gun, that's actually a bolt-action .22 LR rifle (it just has some cosmetics that confuse the clueless like Shannon into thinking it's an assault rifle). Then she told an author who lost both parents before 20 that she's privileged because she's white. She's the perfect figurehead for the gun-control movement: loud, stupid, and thinks she's smart.

Sheila Jackson Lee -
Jackson Lee said, “I've held an AR-15 in my hand, I wish I hadn’t, it is as heavy as 10 boxes that you might be moving and the bullet that is utilized, a .50 caliber, these kinds of bullets, need to be licensed and do not need to be on the street.” Everything about that is wrong (nothing new for Sheila): an AR weighs about 6.5 lbs. not the 100 lbs. she implies, the standard AR-15 bullet is .223 caliber, a very small hunting round. And .50 caliber bullets don't require licensing, nor should they.

Stephanie Ruhle -
I'd never heard of Stephanie Ruhle (D) NBC/MSNBC correspondent, but then I don't usually pay much attention to the trolls and MSDNC because they so rarely get anything right, but are often drawn to my attention when they get something wrong. She talked about guns, on MSNBC, you know that's an "Oh shit, this is going to be funny" sort of thing. I wasn't disappointed. She/they did a Special Report on the AR-15 and it was head-banging desk wrong. She should read my articles on What is an assault rifle?, Why banning then won't work, and Who needs an AR15? for starters. But if she did that, she wouldn't look like a clueless ditz on TV.

Terry McAuliffe -
The day after James Hodgkinson, a Bernie Sanders campaigner worker and Democrat activist, shot at Republicans (hitting Steve Scalise), Terry McAuliffe got out there to plead for Gun Control and to save the "93 million Americans a day to gun violence". He repeated it. Then when helped by a democrat reporter, he corrected it to "93" a day. My problem isn't with the gaffe on an over-rehearsed script. It is with the dishonesty and classlessness of the message. His numbers are misleading. He's throwing in legal police shootings, legal self defense, and gun suicides which are 2/3rds of shootings. The informed know that suicides do not correlate to guns (34 countries with gun control have higher suicide rates than we do). So McAuliffe is intentionally misleading on a case where a member of his party shot a member of the opposition party (who was in the Hospital undergoing surgery). McAuliffe doesn't have the class to wait a single day before trying to blame Republicans for getting shot, and trying to use that to violate the 2A rights of others?

WaPo on Guns -
If you want to find FakeNews org that regularly gets caught lying, spinning or propagandizing for Gun Control, against the NRA, Guns, and Shooters, just look to WaPo. Which is fine if they were honest about their agenda. Instead, they do things like claim misleading report about child shootings, they including a bullshit statistic that said how 1 in 24 kids (4.2%) witnessed a shooting last year. Really? That doesn't sound high to you? The facts were the CDC study they were referencing (and didn't link/source to) had a glaring error: the question was, 'have your kid ever seen anyone being shot, bombs going off, or street riots'. Ever. And there were more flaws than that. Any critical thinking fact checker or writer, should have done their job. But they didn't, because confirmation bias. No correction offered. "Democracy Dies in Darkness:", is more warning than slogan: but If they cared about the light, they would be shining it on both sides of the argument and letting their readers make up their own minds.

Whoopi Goldberg -
Don't get me started on these klatch of dim-wits on The View, with Whoopi Goldberg (D) ex-comedian and TV Host always reminding us of her High School drop out's wit and wisdom. They're a good example of people in NY and Hollywood talking about shit they don't know the first thing about. Things like Whoopi saying "She wants Automatic Weapons banned"... good for you, only fully-automatic weapons have been banned since 1934. And if you don't know the difference between fully-automatic and semi-automatic guns, then you shouldn't talk about either. Just avoid guns in general, since you'll just demonstrate a strong opinion based on complete ignorance of the topic. What's worse, she's an NRA Member, Gun Owner, and someone that should have a clue. I used to be a fan when she played a fake Nun instead of now playing a fake TV host -- the more she talks, the less there is to like.


I found these automatic weapon bullets at the local gas station. People make me sick!

Those were just a few of the many examples that cause informed gun owners such frustration. And this isn't about "gotcha" type gaffes, this is fundamental failure to understand what they're talking about, write laws on, campaign against, or worse -- intentionally misleading others for their agenda.

If you don't know how to hold a gun, what the parts are, proper terms, usage, history, or function, or you have no functioning bullshit detector on statistics that confirm your political views, then you're not up for being a journalists, legislator or commenter on the topic of guns, as it will only make you look stupid or a lair, and polarize the informed against you.

Now that's not to say these gun-idiots can't be intelligent and functioning human beings in other aspects of their lives. They might be quite smart and accomplished, as long as you don't touch the emotional hot-button topic of boomsticks. But whenever you tug at their heart-strings, their brain-strings break or disengage.

What is reasonable when it comes to gun laws? I explain what it takes to be compliant with a few gun laws so that readers can decide how reasonable these laws are. Now I'm not a lawyer, and I don't play one on TV, so don't take this as legal advice. But these are just a small sampling of the 20,000: local, state and national gun control laws that every owner must know and comply with, under the legal concept of Ignorantia juris non excusat (Ignorance of the law is no excuse). The penalty for infraction is often a felony conviction, ruination and loss of gun rights by hyper-aggressive DA's who hate guns or want to get elected to higher office on the fraud that they're helping public safety. Or worse, the laws aren't enforced and teach both sides contempt for them. If any of these laws seem silly, annoying, or ineffective, you will begin to understand why gun-advocates mock and resist “reasonable gun control” and the legislators who create them.


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