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Post-modernism is the idea that everything that exists is flawed and should be deconstructed and remade in a progressive (usually Marxist) image. He who controls the past, controls the future. An example of this is Jason Jackson (Democratic hack/professor) attacking the Star Spangled Banner as "racist". Seriously. You'll have to work to find it, but in the never heard third stanza, Francis Scott Key used the statement "No refuge could save / the hireling and slave / from the terror of flight / or the gloom of the grave", based on an old colloquialism, "the hireling and slave" and mocking that the British kidnapped (Shanghai'd / enslaved) sailors and forced them to fight or employed mercenaries who weren't fighting for a cause, but for money. Of course far-lefties sources like Colin Kaepernick, The Intercept, and fake Historians (partisan polemics with degrees in History), imagined it as celebrating slavery, or mocking them, based on no evidence -- and revised it into our history, a couple hundred years after it was written... and no one but the SJW's had seen it. See you need them to tell you why America sucks, and you're wrong to display any love of country, liberty, or American Exceptionalism. And if you don't accept their newly imagined example of racism, then you must be a racist too.


Are Democrats more Anti-American that Republicans? Yes. Does that mean they're less American? No. Look, you can't have dozens (or more) examples of being for undermining the nation or our interests (foreign or domestic), mocking patriotism (jingoism), degrading religion and traditions, the Constitution, the rule of law, our founders, the flag, the pledge, our music, not knowing or taking pride in our History, and values, and Holidays, and way of life, being for internationalism (diluting our independence), being against the capitalism (that made us great), make excuses for or supporting our enemies (or those that degrade us), hating even the term "American Exceptionalism" (without admitting what it is, or that it exists), and dividing us by intersectional victimhood status instead of being proud of our blending and common interest in the American Dream... and then after all that, claim you love the country.... well, I guess you can. But no one should take you seriously.

The left (progressives) don't love the country for what it is, or was, or even will be... they only love it for what they hope to change it into. They're the girlfriend that loves you and all -- but only as a potential project, to mold into something that they truly can be proud of. And since nothing can live up to their expectations, they really love your failure, which allows them to feel superior. But that's not loving America, that's more loving the ideal of the Progressive USSA. more...


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