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Another Example is this rant about racism Chinese Restaurants. This is littered with half truths, and spin to get people outraged over what a horrible nation we are. The truth is about 1,000 times more nuanced than they sell it as -- and a few people using Restaurants to circumvent immigration laws can help explain a few Chinese Restaurants that have been around since we had the Chinese Exclusion Acts (nullified after WWII), but what about the majority of them opened since then?

The gullible will watch the video and look around and see Chinese Restaurants as proof of racism. In truth, it's proof of diversity and how welcoming American culture is to foreign foods and cultures, even if things weren't so great for the first generation or two that came here. Also without context you fair to recognize that as bad as America could sometimes be, we were still better than the rest of the world, at virtually every time in our history -- so they are trying to use "presentism" (judging the past by today's SJW's standards) as a way to outrage people. When all it really does is show how myopic and self-absorbed many kids are today to buy that crap.