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I've watched a few things by The Root and this presenter. They're obviously a propaganda outfit (probably funded by the Russians). They do NOT present the FULL facts, though there are a few grains of truth, wrapped in lies and lies of omission. They show how racists see everything as racism, and how the left will prey on the gullible with exaggerations, distortions and half-truths (at best). Which is a shame, if they were more tame and honest, there are valid points buried in there, but they're so covered in bullshit, that their purpose must be to divide, inflame the gullible, and people get dumber for watching them by thinking they know what they're talking about.

Examples:TheRoot : 3 items

The Root: Loitering Laws

They use lousy examples and half truths:

  1. The black men in Starbucks didn't get arrested for sitting at Starbucks while black. An SJW barista asked them to leave, and they said, "call the cops". So she did. It was trespassing, and that's not about race, but actions. If they'd been rude white or latino guys? Same thing was likely.
  2. Eric Garner was arrested for selling illegal (untaxed) cigarettes? (NOT loitering). He was a known problem and had run-ins with the cops many times before, then argued, fought and then resisted arrest over that. That's why he was choked. If he had been a big white or samoan guy, it would have likely gone down the same way.

There's no evidence of actual racism, or loitering laws were involved, and those are their two best examples? Loitering laws are most often used against teens and whites.

  • They are more classist than racist: if there's Black Lawyers or Mexican Businessmen in suits, missionaries, environmentalist, or community activists gathering somewhere to discuss cases/business or do some good, it's not a problem. If they're white teens hanging out, it often is. So much for it only being about color.
  • The problem is that where large numbers of unemployed males congregate, there's often harassment, vandalism (tagging), pollution, and crime -- and that destroys property values and people's comfort. Whether it is ILLEGAL immigrants looking for work, gangs dealing drugs or hanging out, or Prostitutes committing their crimes -- the motivation isn't race but activities that get these laws written or enforced. Pretending humans and cops are too stupid to know the difference between a group of people up to good or no-good, and the only or prime motivation is race, is kind of silly.
  • In some areas it hits minorities or immigrants harder, but in poor white areas, or areas where there's a lot of white teens gathering, it hits them harder.
  • They mention Blackmun's ruling -- but forget to mention that Blackmun was an activist judge that ignored the constitution and often invented law from the bench. (Roe v Wade). And invented excuses for inventing law. So using his rulings as proof of anything but Blackmun's bias, means you haven't been paying attention.
  • The black codes (written and passed by Democrats) were something else, and were racist. But muddling that in with the other topic, is intentionally misleading. Yes, racists will use all laws for racism -- they also abused murder/rape laws to abuse minorities, does that mean murder and rape laws are racist and should be abolished too? Come on, think it through.

It concludes that people of color are abused by these loitering laws, by ignoring that they're used more against class and activity. So racists see racism as the motivation for everything. And "the root" is a racist organization. And the point is you get more ignorant listening to racists. more...

The Root: Chinese Food

Another Example is this rant about racism Chinese Restaurants. This is littered with half truths, and spin to get people outraged over what a horrible nation we are. The truth is about 1,000 times more nuanced than they sell it as -- and a few people using Restaurants to circumvent immigration laws can help explain a few Chinese Restaurants that have been around since we had the Chinese Exclusion Acts (nullified after WWII), but what about the majority of them opened since then?

The gullible will watch the video and look around and see Chinese Restaurants as proof of racism. In truth, it's proof of diversity and how welcoming American culture is to foreign foods and cultures, even if things weren't so great for the first generation or two that came here. Also without context you fair to recognize that as bad as America could sometimes be, we were still better than the rest of the world, at virtually every time in our history -- so they are trying to use "presentism" (judging the past by today's SJW's standards) as a way to outrage people. When all it really does is show how myopic and self-absorbed many kids are today to buy that crap. more...

2019.09.20 Forced Hair Cutting

A 6th Grade Virginia Private school girl (who was black) accused three white classmates last week of forcibly cutting her hair... and that made national news. The FakeNews used it repeat their fabrications about national race problems or worse, coupled it to Jeff Pence (VP) and his wife. Racism is everywhere! Now the accuser admits the allegations were false. The problem isn't just with the people who cry wolf, it's with the media that sensationalizes these FakeNews stories for clicks (chasing the algorithm before fact checking).Some are more responsible with corrections than others, but corrections wouldn't be necessary if we had responsible journalism waiting to get the facts, instead of sensationalizing every accusation with national front page headlines, and back page retraction. more...


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