The Dating Game Killer

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Rodney James Alcala (born Rodrigo Jacques Alcala Buquor) was called "The Dating Game Killer" because he was a contestant on the TV Show the Dating Game (and won) during the middle of being a fugitive and on a murder spree. Reading about the guy is a dark ride: Guy rapes and tries to kill an 8 year old girl, so they let him off with 3 years. He does it to a 12 year old girl, so he gets off with another two. He goes on the lamb and works for the darling of the Hollywood Left: Roman Polanski in L.A. Then he goes on the Dating Game, wins... and then kills a few more girls. He bragged his body count is between 50-100. So he gets the death penalty in 1980, but due the 9th Circuit and California versions of justice, he's still alive today... and sued the Penal system for a slip and fall accident, and for failure to provide him with low fat meals. It goes to show that if you count on California or Hollywood to protect you, you could be an unsolved murder somewhere. They're more comfortable around folks like this than Republicans.


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