The Creepy Line

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This is a documentary on how Facebook and Google turn your data into their profit, and manipulate you in the process. It was a bit sensational in parts, but did a worthy job in letting people know who and why their data was captured, and what they did to manipulate you. Generally, it was liked by viewers -- but far lefties didn't like that it attacked leftist icons, or showed how these organizations colluded with the Hillary (and Obama) campaigns to rig elections.

The stories are true -- and like they say, if you want to annoy a conservative, lie to them. But if you want to annoy a liberal, just tell the truth. This tells the truth.

The majority of the complaints I've seen were whataboutism (that some of the right wing might have gotten some of the data as well). Which might be true, though from what I can tell is overblown (Google and Facebook weren't directly helping them or manipulating results for them), so that doesn't weaken any point in the documentary just because the right might have tried it too.

Facebook is 3 things: bad interface, bad management, and biased policies. I want a social network that gives me control of what I see and share -- both to my friends and to advertisers. I realize they need to make a buck, and my information is their product, but the point is you can still give users the illusions of control. But Zuckerberg seems to have falling into the egocentric pit that many young billionaires do, they think because they timed things well, and worked hard, and got lucky that they're smarter than everyone else. This makes them arrogant, less mature, and slower to grow than the average human: Dunning-Kruger, inflated by being surrounded by yes-men.



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