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We've lived in various places around the nation. Our current residence is in Houston, Texas. Sadly, when I visit or talk with Californians or New Yorkers, or other provincial progressives, they all have an image of themselves and Texas (or Houston) that doesn't really match reality. Especially when it comes to them imagining themselves as diverse, and the South, Texas or Houston as not as much so. In the meantime places like Wallethub (and other polls/studies) are ranking Houston as the #1 most diverse city in the nation, with more Texas cities than any other state ranking in the top 10. [1] It is also far, FAR more "tolerant" than other places I've lived, like L.A. or the Bay Area, or places I went to school like NYC and Chicago.

Diversity and Tolerance

To understand diversity, you have to replace woke ideology with something more open-minded. Diversity is not just your grievance studies victimhood quotient or racial (though Houston ranks high on those): it included socioeconomic, cultural, economic, household, and religious as well. Heck, Houston for many years was the largest American city with the openly gay mayor.

The same with tolerance. It isn't about just approving of people you agree with or are in the majority (like California's tolerance towards progressives), it's about how you treat people or activities you might not agree with.

Mexican American Descrimination

In many places in American, like California you find that Mexican Americans (legal or illegal), tend to stay in Mexican American communities -- little pockets where the signs and culture is more like a Mexican ex=pat community than America. L.A. and the Bay Area are especially known for this. Whereas if you look at some other places like Texas, you find that Mexicans are everywhere -- far more integration and mixing. And successes as in running large businesses, CEO's, and other executives. Or as I say to irk some coastal bigots, "In Texas, mexicans aren't just for picking and preparing your food, or doing your cleaning and gardening". They are often offended that I'm exposing the bigotry in places where the left dominates the culture. more...


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