Strengers, Verheggen and Vringer

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Strenger, Verheggen and Vringer did a direct survey of 1,800 international scientists who had published peer reviewed articles on Climate Change. Only 43% (797) of climate scientists agree with the IPCC claims that more than half of the observed increase in surface temperature was caused by manmade causes. (This isn't even the newer/bolder 90% caused by man).

2015 Strengers, Verheggen and Vringer Survey

Unlike the clumsy keyword searches and guesses by Cook, Anderegg, or Oreskes, this was a direct survey of 1,800 international scientists studying various aspects of climate change (including climate physics, climate impacts, and mitigation). Respondents were picked because they had authored articles with the key words ‘global warming’ and/or ‘global climate change’, covering the 1991–2011 period.

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