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2001 medical ethicists had looked at fetal stem cell research (from fetus's) and decided that using already harvested fetal strains (60 of them) was not furthering harm, but harvesting future embryos was more ethically questionable. They also predicted we were running into limits of value with this research, so it was unneeded. George Bush was the first President to allow the fed to fund fetal stem cell research, based on those ethical guidelines. The left went nuts, ignored the science, made this into a wedge issue (like they do for abortion). Since California saw no problem with harvesting humans for their cellular material (humans are the property of the state), they passed prop 71 to force taxpayers to subsidize the killing and harvesting of babies for research: fuck religious liberty. Within a few years researchers had get stem cells that not only didn't have the moral issues, but were cheaper and better, and most breakthru's in stem cell research have come from outside California's abortion harvesting efforts. But California taxpayers are still on the hook to subsidize this inferior research, because Fuck Bush, Fuck Christian Values, and Fuck Ethics! That's why!


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