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There is no such thing as a smart home: there's a lot of devices that you can interconnect that makes your home more interactive. But Google, Apple and Amazon are playing it from different directions.

  • Apple is coming at it leveraging their entertainment and home angle -- but with low feature integration, the worst voice assistant and thus lower device count support.
  • Google is attacking it like an OpenSource tech problem -- while acquiring their own device makers (Nest), and one of the best tech assistants
  • Amazon is attacking it like a commerce company with a shopping focus -- while acquiring their own device makers (Ring).
  • Microsoft's Cortana and solutions aren't even worth tracking by many. They haven't figured out this space any better than their mobile phone story -- so while they have a competent agent, and some integration technology, only a few people seem to care as the phone and device angle is being won by the other companies.

TL:DR; Google/Amazon have a home security story. Apple is falling behind. Microsoft who?


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Written 2018.05.03