Slavery didn't make anyone rich

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There's a fallacy amongst the left that Slavery made the South or America rich, or "America got rich on the backs of slaves". This is debated between fake economists (leftist theologians) and real economists, with most of the real ones recognizing that slavery was not a huge economic win, and was most likely a net burden. That's part of why the North outgrew the South, and why the economy took off after it was abolished. Put simply: as proven over and over again, people will always work harder for themselves than someone else. Anywhere that says, "Slavery was free labor" discredits themselves economically by ignoring basic common sense like: Cost of capital to buy the slaves, Operating overhead to feed/house/healthcare, Security overhead, Legal and taxes, and the reality that they were generally less productive than paid workers (e.g. independent contractors/sharecroppers). That's part of what made slavery so bad -- it was harming both sides. The left won't every accept this because it destroys the divisive reparations argument: how can you owe money to someone that you lost money on? Since the left would have to give up dividing us for votes by admitting the truth, they'll take repeat the anti-science and anti-logic position, no matter what the math/logic says.


No one is going to defend Slavery: it was a vile institution. But the issue is far more complex than many let on. And if you really care about the topic, you care enough to learn the truth about it, not the myths, or the leftist version of the truth -- but what really happened. more...


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