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Slack: corporate messaging stack masquerading as private channels.

Slack is an internal messaging/communication tool (1:1 and many:many) that gives users the impression that their communications/channels are private, but the truth is that are able to be monitored by IT/managers/corporate eyes. In any corporate culture that allows "open discussions", it often allows for herd think and the problems with social media: especially in leftist/snowflake culture.

Slack : 2 items

AdobeProud - AdobeProud is a group, maillist and slack channel that was started so that the Adobe LGBT-community could connect and share LGBT events/issues. But since the LGBT community (especially in the bar area) demands conformity to far left marxists intolerance (cancel culture, etc), it quickly became a place to bully anyone that tries to inject balance and moderation. And HR seems to side with the mob.

Adobe for All -
There's this program called "Adobe for All" -- which originated out of the Adobe for Women efforts. These were/are efforts that allow Women to shadow execs, Women to have Women speakers, and stuff like that that are denied/discouraged for men. Later, the "for All" really meant all minorities... straight white males need not apply. They try harder, and are slightly better than a Google or a Facebook at not being completely anti-white-male douches about it... but only slightly better. There's still an undertone and history that makes it fundamentally bigoted and flawed from the premise to the implementation. Men at Adobe know that while they created and built the company, they are second class civitizens, in the name of diversity indoctrination and hypocritical efforts to be politically correct.


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