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Showtime has never really hooked me. They had a few shows I used to watch, but I've always felt it's a bit overpriced for the usage.... but more than that, their obnoxious politicization of TV isn't worth my time. So once they start churning out things that disagrees with truth, justice or the American way, I'm less likely to subscribe.


Showtime : 2 items

The Loudest Voice - This is a seven-part miniseries about the late Roger Ailes, who built the Fox News Channel into the dominant force in cable news. It is based on a book by Gabe Sherman. People in the know, like Ken LaCorte have cried foul over a few things in the series. Even to the point where the show made-up fake Anti-Semitic stories that they tried to couple to Breitbart News. (For the uninformed left, Breitbart was found by Andrew Breitbart, a practicing Jew, that created the Jewish website to counteract a lot of the disinformation against Jews/Israel).

Biased Programming (Showtime) - Some examples of biased programming include:
  • Homeland - while it started interesting and the critics love its "moral ambiguity" that's code for, it makes the terrorists into not so bad guys, and the Americans/Soldiers into not-so-good guys.
  • Who Is America? - took potshots and Dick Cheney and employed anti-American Sasha Cohen
  • Our Cartoon President - is Colbert and Showtimes satirical hatefest against Trump. It's crime is that it's not funny at all. I mean Trump is the Grand Wizard at a white-power rally. The only people that are amused by this are puerile idiots.
  • Shameless - has had half a dozen embarrassing episodes.
These are just a few of the dozens of cases where stupidity isn't just slipping by, it's being pushed in as propaganda.


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