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(Jeffery) Shaun King is another race huckster and virulent opportunist, known for his use of social media to promote "social justice" causes, including the Black Lives Matter movement. Translation: he race baits and divides us for money and attention, usually getting the basic facts wrong, and knowing that his audience won't care.

Examples of Shaun King:

2019.03.02 Lies about Sanders' Speech - While MSNBC has always been the propaganda arm of the DNC, when they get caught making mistakes (like claims about Bernie Sanders), will they correct them? The answer would be "no", like most mistakes. Bernie is a threat to the DNC establishment, so the truth takes a backseat to the agenda. And the Intercept earns a gold star for doing actual journalism and calling them out on it.
2018.12.30 White Man shot black girl in Houston - Lady says white man pulled up next to them and shot her girl (Jazmine Barnes) for racial reasons. Race-baiter Shaun King played up the race crime and inflamed his mob tweeting white suspects picture (Robert Cantrell), to find this "racist asshole". After two black men were arrested for the murder, Shaun didn't apologize and argued, "We live in a time where... something like that [racist murder] was possible." We do, but black on white race crimes are like 5x more common than the other way around.
2018.05.24 Texas Trooper accused of rape - Sherita Dixon-Cole (Black) accused State Trooper Daniel Hubbard (White) of raping her during a traffic stop. Shaun King kicked fanned the flames of racial animus, but the officers body cams showed that no rape had happened. Harvard's Fair Punishment Project gave King a staff position for spreading the lie, and writing a piece that didn't really apologized, but blamed the racist nation (or Sherita) for the plausibility of it happening, and thus his mistake was not really his fault.
2016.02.13 Peyton Manning - As the BLM hate mobs momentum was dying down, opportunist Shaun King was looking for a new horse to ride. The #metoo hate Lynch Mob was a delicious opportunity, and Shaun tried to ride that gravy train with a recycled version of a 13-year-old court filing regarding a Peyton Manning settlement with a female trainer (Jamie Naughright) who had claimed she was sexually harassed.... at least 33 times while at University of Tennessee, and at least a couple of others since. She had also changed her story years later, but Shaun either hadn't found out the details, or decided to post the more sensational one.
2016.01.21 Daniel Holtzclaw - An Oklahoma City Police officer was convicted of coerced oral sex from 18 black Women, in 2016. Certainly Shaun was all over the story. Michellle Malkin feels there evidence of a retrial, and that closed hearings, and experts questioning things deserves a retrial, and that Shaun being moot on the topic reflects his lack of Journalistic integrity.
2015.03.24 Hands Up Don't Shoot - After race baiting the false Michael Brown, "Hands Up Don't Shoot" narrative, and after even the race-baiting Obama administration had to admit the narrative had been a lit all along, Shaun King still writes that he did nothing wrong by jumping to a conclusion, fanning the flames of racial division, and contributing to riots and murders that came out of that false narrative. To quote him, the truth never mattered, “I’m not going to parse evidence or make some complex technical argument that Michael Brown did or didn’t have his hands up. to me, it doesn’t matter if he did or he didn’t. It never has.”


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