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The basics are that when the DNC invented the trope that John Podesta's email was hacked by Russians (despite little evidence of that), a story that was already getting buried by the news media was that:

  • Wikileaks had already gone on the record to explain it wasn't a hacker but a leaker inside the DNC that was his source, and that leaker was a disgruntled Bernie Sanders supporter, disgusted with how the DNC had colluded with the Hillary Campaign to undermine the election process. [1]
  • It had been confirmed by one of Julian Assange's associates who said he'd picked up the file in DC
  • And Julian pointed out that while he can not name sources, it's a dangerous business, as the murder of Seth Rich showed -- a DNC insider with sympathies for Bernie Sanders, who may have had contact with Wikileaks

Russian Hackers: The Evidence


The sum total of the "evidence" released is:

  • (a) some of the malware touched a Russian email service that a company once used, that once contracted for the Russians (Fancy Bear)
  • (b) one of the hackers used the handle "Iron Felix", a famous Russian secret police force founder
  • (c) some Russians said they "felt good" about the results of the election
  • (d) WaPo ran editorials about the sophisticated Russian hack.

Counter to that was Security experts (including self) laughed off the evidence as weak sauce:

  • The server (which was never released to the FBI to investigate), showed that the download was too fast for an internet connection (and looked like a thumb drive copy)
  • Wikileaks said it was a Democrat insider (they've never been caught in a lie: their credibility is critical to their existence)
  • When Seth Rich was killed, Wikileaks implied that he had been the leaker, and offered a reward for catching his murderer
  • The FBI director had internally closed the investigation months BEFORE interviewing Hillary, and the FBI got caught offering a Russian Hacker a deal (money, free apartment, citizenship), if he'd falsely confessed to being the source of the hack, and many of the agencies that were credited with agreeing with national intelligence, said they never saw the evidence or signed off on anything.

So far, no one has come up with evidence of a hack.


Now a story did get ahead of itself. FoxNews Reported that Seth had had contact with Wikileaks just before he died, based on the testimony of Private Investigator Rod Wheeler[2]. And other conservative media outlets ran with it. However, it later turned out that Rod Wheeler was only referring to evidence of prior reports (like Julian Assange's claims/concerns over the murder of one of it's supporters), and not anything new. CNN, which had previously never mentioned Seth Rich angle, suddenly took glee in mocking Fox's error, while omitting the context around it, and how this confusion happened (e.g. the evidence that CNN and other left stream outlets had refused to cover to keep their readers/viewers in the dark on the whole possibility, that had a lot more evidence than the "Russian Hacker" theory does.[3]

And of course there's other bizarro things, besides a young DNC staffer, getting shot in the back multiple times and murdered, with nothing stolen, and being named or at least inferred as the source of the biggest national issues (Russian hacking), and the media all but blacking out the story/angle. Someone is going on and removing accounts (REDDIT) that showed [4] he was a Bernie supporter.

Now I'm not sure how deep the conspiracy goes, or if there is a conspiracy. We'll probably never know, and that's not my point. But we have more evidence that Seth was involved than the Russians (which is scant little). And responsible journalists either tell their patrons: (a) all the reasonable angles they know of (b) the ones that have the most evidences (c) at least cover their butts by burying the more obscure theories in there somewhere, so they have plausible deniability. But we have nothing looking like responsible journalism going on around anything to do with Trump.