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Seattle: once called the Emerald City, they paid a consulting company $200,000 to come up their new slogan: "Metronatural". Then they painted it on the Space needle. That sums up the sad state that Seattle has become: the intersection of radical political correctness with radical environmentalism, mixed in a concophany of homelessness, high taxes, and the worst traffic in the nation. They might not be able to handle the hard stuff, like roads or homelessness, but at least they know how to drive out jobs and hurt people.


I've been there a couple times, it's kind of a nice big metro, that has cranes, the worst traffic and rampant homelessness. The rest of the State of Washington despises their incompetent far-left igno-arrogance. If it's a bad idea, and has the risk of dividing us as people -- Seattle is all over it.

  • 2018 Head Tax Fiasco - Tax/Punish what you hate, like employment, so they decided to invent a head-tax: a tax to every company that's Amazon sized, to make the costs of hiring in Seattle higher[1]. Amazon didn't appreciate that, and decided to stop building/growing in Seattle (choosing suburbs). Gosh, who could have seen that coming? Seattle had a tantrum about Then they had to lower the tax, but still, it will suppress growth from smart companies. Of course the city fascist lie and claim this is about the homeless, but it's really about virtue signaling. [2]
  • 2018 Minimum Wage Wars - Despite the cities best efforts to suppress science[3], the University of Washington found that Seattle’s minimum wage hike was having an adverse impact on low-wage employees, just like every other minimum wage hike, ever[4]. Who could have seen that coming? Good job, taxing people so you can instill policies that hurt people AND spend their dollars trying to suppress the truth: the Seattle way.
  • 2018 Soda Tax Tragedy : The intent was to improve the health and lives of residents by “modifying their behavior” through prohibition (taxing heavily their sugary beverages). The price of soda nearly doubled overnight, and Seattle residents just shifted to buying outside the city: hurting the city, and not resulting in the promised revenue increases, but drops instead. But everyone is annoyed and polarized, and isn't that what's important? [5]
  • 2017.02 Wells Fargo Fuckup: Seattle in a highly publicized political tantrum, they cut ties with Wells Fargo, because a bank dared to support a business they didn't like (the Dakota Pipeline)[6]. Nothing says tolerant liberals more than attacking a business for doing their jobs (loaning money and creating opportunities and providing us with needed energy). Then when it turned out no other banks wanted to work with this city of snowflakes, and their deadline loomed, they came back, hat in hand, and quietly begged and accepted Wells Fargo back as their bank of record[7]. I can imagine the meeting going like this, "Um, I know we told you to fuck off and said you were morally offensive as an institution... but can we hire you again?". If Seattle believed their own bullshit, they would have worked harder to find another bank.
  • If you want to study what failing infrastructure looks like, visit Seattle when it snows. Most cities that get snow, know how to deal with it. Seattle? Not so much. Their Snowplows are seen at a slightly lower rate than a Sasquatch playing the bongos, but to be fair, you can find them in many coffee shops (they prefer to be called hipsters now).
  • 1999 WTO riots -- having anything that benefits people (like an economics conference), in a progressive place like Seattle, is a recipe for disaster. All the leftist violent hate-mongers (Labor unions, student groups, black bloc, etc) descended and committed acts of violence and vandalism in the name of liberal tolerance. And left a wake of destruction and costs, as is the Seattle way. [8]


Written 2018.05.17