San Bernardino: Mass Shooting Recap

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So just let me get straight what’s going on.

Timeline (Context)

  • We’ve known for centuries that sensationalizing events (like mass shootings, or racial violence), inflames and cause copy-cats and violence. In the past the media was sensitive to that (professional), in the present, they'll increase loss of life for ratings and their agendas.
  • We have 3 or 4 cases where cops shot black men (usually for committing violent crimes), in the same time period that thousands of black men were murdered by non-cop black men (usually gang violence) or many whites/latinos/asians were shot by black cops, and the media claims we have a racial problem and supports the #blacklivesmatter polarizing racist movement to promote their statistically ambiguous claims. As a result, multiple cops are assassinated, and innocent whites are brutalized or shot in retaliation. The consequences of their inflammatory race-baiting are rarely reported: the problem is right wing extremists and racists, not the far more frequent left wing ones.
  • In January 2015, the Chalie Hebdo shooting kills 12 (wounds 11 more). And the Nov 13rd Paris shooting/bombings kills over 130 folks -- 10x bigger than most U.S. attacks, despite (or because of) their hyper-strict gun-control. So how does Obama respond? He goes to Paris a week or so later and claims that Climate Change is a bigger threat than terrorism, and that only America has to deal with mass shootings like happened at Planned Parenthood. The French hadn’t even cleaned the blood off their streets yet, and even the hyper-leftist French Press are slack jawed at the insensitivity, and are heard to mumble, “Asshole” and “dickwad”. (Seriously). Then Obama does a speech where he claims how much he's raised our standing/perception in the world (despite multiple world leaders getting caught saying he's an untrustworthy dolt).
BTW: The President repeatedly claims that America has these events the most. But anyone that's compared mass shooting death tolls (or frequency, etc), knows America is way down the list, once you adjust for population. The media decides it's not their job to fact check or correct democrats on anti-truth and anti-2nd amendment rants. Their job is to propagate disinformation to the gullible democrat base instead.

  • Nov 23rd, there's a mass shooting in New Orleans (Bunny Friend Park shooting) with 17 people hit, and the media pretty much squelches the news. The Not-News loves to claim there’s a mass shooting every day in the U.S., but accidentally forgets to mention that 99% of them are like this one: gang crime (often black on black, or latino on latino, being responsible for over 3/4ths of all our murders), where the guns are illegally attained (thus gun control can’t do anything). Addressing the problem would require addressing gangs, and that the failure of our "war on poverty" has turned many neighborhoods into warzones (especially in Democrat controlled cities). So the majority of our "shooting" problems gets ignored: black lives only matter when their deaths fit the leftist agenda. Not one Democrat Politician said anything about this shooting, and the media lets it pass by: nothing to see here but another failed liberal solution, move along.
  • A few days later, Nov 27th, a Planned Parenthood is shot up by a lone crazy (who may have been religious), the media/left calls it “christian domestic terrorism” and is celebratory in the mayhem: before we know anything about the event.
    • This is the same media that claimed when Nidal Hasan, who screamed "Allahu Akhbar” before shooting up Fort Hood, is “workplace violence” and we shouldn't jump to conclusions on any religious motives. And please ignore the lectures he gave on how non-believers would be sent to hell, decapitated, set on fire, and have burning oil poured down their throats before hand: that had nothing to do with it.
Both shooters (PP and Hood) had given many signals of mental illness that were ignored, and the PP shooter had violent felonies and other issues, that had also been failed to be addressed. So the media claims judging all Muslims by the acts of the few is wrong — but judging all gun owners or Christians by the abhorrent acts of a few repeat felons and mental defects that THE SYSTEM failed to take care of (despite multiple opportunities) is not the fault of the system, but all the fault of guns, their owners, the NRA, and all christians. Double standard much?

  • So after the PP shooting, the Democrats/Media demands that the Republican Candidates offer prayers for the families, or they’re being political by not responding quickly enough and in the democrat approved way (don’t wait for facts). But remember ONLY for the events that the left/democrats claim are worthy of sympathy (not ones like Bunny Friend where they didn't respond).
  • Then when a San Bernadino shooting happens, the Republicans offer their prayers and sympathy (as per politically correct demands), and all the DNC outlets/followers tweet/write that “God isn’t protecting us, we need gun control”, that they all just happened to have pre-prepared messages, while they’re screaming that Republicans/NRA need to stop politicizing shootings by daring to resist their efforts to politicize them.

Since the San Bernadino shooting was by a devout muslim, who just happened to have:

  • bombs pre-made (which are illegal in California)
  • body armor (which is illegal in California)
  • AR-15s (with Magazines that are illegal in California),
  • that he obtained and modified illegally
  • and goes with his wife (and brother) to shoot the government office he works at (so is likely a democrat)...
  • and the Press/Democrats call it "workplace violence", and suddenly have no interest in party affiliation or beliefs of the perpetrator, and caution everyone that we shouldn’t jump to any conclusions (and don't dare call it religiously inspired domestic terrorism), just because there’s only far more evidence of that than there was in the PP shooting. Remember the credo: Republicans/Christians=bad, others=oppressed victims of the system.
Oh, and by the way, despite being in the state with the strictest gun control, and the person having illegal weapons (like bombs, armor, removable magazines), the problem is obviously “not enough gun control”? Something needs to be done, and the last 30,000 gun control laws we passed (real number), have not been enough -- so all the lefty politicians hit the same message, at the same time, "something must be done", and they all have the same solutions. Anyone that the government accuses without due process (no fly lists), must wear a 6 pointed star on their clothes and be stripped of their second amendment rights, because "we say so". After all, the U.S. has the worst problem of any country in mass shootings, other than France, Norway, Germany, UK, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Russia, Switzerland, not counting another half dozen 3rd world countries.


Whatever we do, we shouldn't address the majority of our murders (and mass murders) -- which are gang problems. Focus instead on the rural gun owners, because most of the red counties in the U.S. have zero gun murders per year (despite the highest gun ownership).


P.S. Also remember we need to censor the confederate flag because it offends the ignorant snowflakes who want to ignore/revise history, but anyone that mentions Islam, waves the Palestinian Flag (with their history of state sponsored terror), or doesn’t decry Israel for daring to exist, is the problem.


Written 2015.11.30

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