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Samantha Bee is a non-funny Comedian, nasty partisan polemic, with lousy ratings. She also used sexist and derogatory speech that would have gotten any conservative fired (and did scare away some of her advertisers): but hyper-partisans on her network have protected her from the consequences of her incompetence, in ways they never would have if they had a competent and conservative talent.


Because she's hyper-partisan (far left), not very funny, and substitutes nasty for comedy, she found a home at Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" (with Jon Stewart), where she regularly smeared, misrepresented and distorted things in infrequently humorous ways -- like the rest of the show. So with credentials like that, this no-talent got her own show called Full Frontal: hey, if you don't have talent, exploit Double entendre's about exposing your lady parts. Nothing says respect for Women like reducing them down to their stripper roles. The goal was while the Daily Show was more about misrepresenting everything conservatives say (and infrequently, liberals) as hypocrisy... her show would be different, and would more interested in misrepresenting everything as injustice. And by everything, I mean spinning everything against conservatives as injustice, while avoiding the far more frequent and humorous cases of hypocritical injustices done by liberals/media/progressives.

Some of her notable achievements were:

  • 2018.05.31, Bee showed her respect for all women by referring to Ivanka Trump as a "feckless cunt" who was having sex with her father (or at least Donald wanted to), because of an outrageous photo with her and her son. The context was that Bee was being as polite as she is capable of, while calling on Ivanka to ask her father to do something about immigration policies that take children away from their parents. Failing to note that these policies were started under Woodrow Wilson (D), expanded under FDR, and were in place during Obama, Clinton and other progressive leftists eras (which are not a problem for Bee). When the WhiteHouse complained, Bee and TBS apologized, but and State Farm had enough integrity to not want to be associated with offensive sexists, and pulled their advertising from the show.
    • The context that made it worse, but this was the day after Rosanne Barr had her show cancelled for referring to an Iranian as an Ape. It turns out unbeknownst to Barr, Valerie Jared had some black in her, so the attack on Jared;s Islamic sympathies/nationality accidentally had racial overtones. While Barr apologized profusely, before there was any prodding -- her show was cancelled. So the double-standard outrage was in full force at Barr's more accidental and less egregious off the cuff tweet was fireable, while Bee's scripted and vetted more intentionally sexist and vile attack was forgiven.
    • Of course the Television Academy decided to go forward with giving Bee one of their more distinguished honors for being a partisan sexist, because as long as you're only offending conservatives, then bigotry and hate doesn't count. And Bee proved she's a liberal by blaming society at large for her shows bad writing. And to paraphrase David Burge, she then left to catch her limo to the meeting where she was trying to keep poor minority children out of her kids' school.
    • Sally Field's jumped in and supported Samantha Bee, by showing she's an ignorant and vile sexist Hollywood follower as well. The internet replied by showing pictures of Sally Field's with Harvey Weinstein to show Field's support for women as sex-objects.
  • 2018.05.08 - After Full Frontal had celebrated former Attorney General Eric Schneiderman as a superhero standing up to Trump (in a segment last November), it came to light that Schneiderman was a disgusting perveyor of sexual/physical abuse to at least 4 women. Of course I don't think Samantha was aware that Schneiderman was a douchebag -- but it does go to her ability to judge characters that she was that cluelessly oblivious. This is something she would have parodied mercilessly if a Republican or Trump had been that clueless.
  • 2017.05.01 - Jason Jones (Samantha Bee's Husband), Fights To Keep Poor, Black Kids Out Of His Children's School, because that's the kind of people they are. This is exactly the kind of skit that Full Frontal and The Daily Show would have pilloried and parodied if a conservative did it. But since the left doesn't recognize their own reflection in the mirror, this was never mocked.
  • 2017.03.08 - Her show accused Kyle Coddington, a writer for OUTSET magazine, as having "Nazi hair" for being bald.... Coddington was undergoing chemotherapy for brain cancer. Score one for tact there.[1] Calling random conservatives nazi's is their idea of humor -- the fact that they were flamingly ignorant and failed to do basic research before the quip just shows their typical levels of quality control. They of course apologized for him having cancer, but not for calling random conservatives Nazi's, because as everyone knows, the Nazi's were left wing socialists.



I don't think Bee should be fired because she said offensive things: that's humor. Especially for young leftists (her base). I think she should be fired because she's a low talent liar, with lousy ratings and is most funny to bigoted hate-mongers on the left. But I support a free market, and leave the firing decisions to the execs.

I do think the double standard of allowing her to remain on the air, while far lesser offenders are fired, is worthy of note. And that anyone who has defended her or is a fan of her show, has lost their rights to criticize the other side for defending Rosanne Barr or Donald Trump. One standard applies to both sides. So Samatha Bee's continued employment proves that Democrats/Lefties don't care about insulting minorities, or abusive and offensive speech in general, they only care if that offense is directed at them -- and they will attack it with outrage -- while making excuses for their far worse behavior. Like Ms. Bee does nightly.


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Written 2018.06.01