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In a Facebook post Mini-Marx was spreading lies about race violence to achieve his ends: of dividing us as a nation by perpetuating lies that cops had no right to approach a guy (Keith Lamont Scott) for smoking weed and suspicious activity (like waiving a gun, that he's not allowed to own as a felon) after neighbors called it in. Reich instead implies, "wasn't it racism/murder to shoot the guy just for pulling a gun on cops?" No, that's called self defense, calling it murder/racism is inciting violence.

His lies of omission include:

  • (a) Reich hates the Second Amendment
  • (b) that Keith was approached by a black officer (that would imply the motive is unlikely to be racism?)
  • (c) that Scott was a convicted felon and not able to have a gun (and that was rumored to be part of the original reason for contact)
  • (d) this was a sketchy part of town, known for where drug deals went down
  • (e) even if you have a right to carry, if you look disoriented or out of it, are hanging out in a car, getting in and out of the car, and look suspicious, a cop might come up and check things out, "hey, what's up? Everything OK?" And if you have a reasonable response, that's the end of the contact. If you ignore the cop, get back in the car holding a gun, and 10 other officers come to the scene and say "out of the car, and drop the gun", at least 14 times. If you follow directions, your odds of survival are orders of magnitude higher than if you come out of the car holding said weapon. This is something anyone with a high double digit IQ knows, even a liberal economist should know that, and not leave it out of an honest reporting of events.
Robert Reich
Robert Reich the 3rd (or the 3rd Reich), seems to be a German with Napoleon Syndrome, and pick the wrong side of every issue. The charm of Rosie O'Donnell, the wit of Nancy Pelosi, and the balance of Michael Moore, if I want a moral compass, I use him for his knack to always point due south. This article details a small fraction of his stupidity and dishonesty.



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