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I'm not going to decompose all the things wrong with Ralph the Mouth. Either you know about his repeated failures as a Presidential Candidate for the Green (and Red) Party, his positions leading our Anti-Nuclear efforts that did far more harm to the environment than millions of other individuals could have. He never met a government regulation he didn't like, until he found a more intrusive one. But he's always been a vocal supporter of Earth Day, and any other far left, anti-business causes.

Earth Day
Earth Day.png

In honor of an invented fake-Holiday (Earth Day/Week), my office celebrated voluntary meatless Monday. I'm not sure what one has to do with the other.... what I'm sure of is that celebrating a Holiday invented by watermelon's (green on the outside, red on the inside), loons and kooks, to celebrate peace and balance by taking away people's choices (to get meat), is something so hypocritical, and so the new normal in California.

While I don't really care what causes people support (even stupid ones), I do like people to be informed the on the stupid causes they support, and who is behind them. Detractors of Earth Day claiming it's an green wrapping around Marxist agendas, while the proponents claim, "No. It's all moderate folks just trying to protect our planet and peace". When you research the history of Earth Day, it becomes obvious which side is informed, and which isn't. more...