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Ilhan has had a series of racially insensitive claims, especially against Jews/Israel. Not all of them are up to MY standards of racism (racially insensitive isn't racist, unless the folks believe the entire race is inferior to another) -- but that's not the standard the left uses. By their standards, she'd be racist, so they want to do nothing to censure her, because she's a Democrat and a protected class. A Republican would have been excoriated for a fraction of the following:

  1. saying that the only reason Republicans support Israel is their money and AIPAC.[1]
  2. She supports the anti-semitic BDS (boycott, divest and sanction) movement which wants to destroy Israel
  3. claimed pro-Israel lawmakers hold dual loyalty, twice (touching on an old racist trope, and doubling down when called on it)[2]
  4. claimed that Israel (Jews) "hypnotized the world" and did "evil things", both also old racist dirty-Jew tropes [3].
  5. If you think people like you are better than everyone else, and those that aren't are inferior, you're a racist. Like she does with constantly bragging about the women of color, and demeaning those who aren't.
  6. If you falsely claim someone else is racist, that's racist. (Assuming you only do that to people who aren't of color). Omar does this to individuals and the entire nation. If you don't agree with her, and aren't of color, you're a racist. (Which means she's a racist to judge everyone by their color and see them through that lens).
  7. In 2018, when asked by Al Jezeera about some people's legitimate concerns about Jihadist terrorism, she dodged and claimed "the country should be more fearful of White Men", and we should be profiling, monitoring and racially profiling, to prevent their radicalization. [4] She might have been trying to flip the attack around, but it was awkward, math challenged and racist. Can you imagine if Trump said something so gosh about Blacks or Muslims? To date, no "journalist" has bothered to ask her to defend/clarify that inflammatory claims, but a few Fake Facts outlets like Politifact tried to carry her water and make excuses for it.

🗒️ NOTE:
Again, I'm not sure if all of these touch my standards for calling her a bigot. More she's insensitive or clueless for these comments. But I believe she's a racist based on a lot more information than this, going back to stereotypes about Muslims and Somali's and their penchant for anti-Jewish conspiracy theories and their selective victimization of other Mulsims, and overlooking of far worse against Jews or others -- and evidence that she fits that pattern.

So I'm not sure she should be smacked for this. But since the Democrats would smack a Republican for less, they have to, or they're hypocrites. And they didn't smack her, so they're hypocrites -- and anti-Semites, based on their standards, not mine.

Ilhan's Comments in Context

Fake Fact Check outlets like Politifact[5] claim that the viral video is misleading because it's not the full context. Well, they're not very good about doing that when it's a conservative being attacked... but I do agree if the context changes things, it matters. But in this case it changes nothing.

  • She said, "I would say our country should be more fearful of white men across our country, because they are actually causing most of the deaths within this country."
  • She was trying to jujitsu the Al Jazeera interviewer by saying Islamic radicals (like the last few mass shootings) weren't a problem because white men kill more people. Yet anyone with a double digit IQ knows, "NOT IN THE SAME PERCENTAGES". The Muslim populations are a minor part of our population, white men aren't. That means islamic mass attacks are way way way way outta whack with their population numbers, and they're not integrating well -- which is the point.
  • Politifact's water-carrying defense is that she added, "And so if fear was the driving force of policies to keep America safe, Americans safe inside of this country, we should be profiling, monitoring and creating policies to fight the radicalization of white men."
  • The problem is that wasn't omitted context, it was in the clip offered. So it wasn't misleading
  • Most of all that's a irrelevant. It's like saying, "I think Hitler was a great guy."... then adding, "at least based on how he treated dogs and children who weren't Jewish". That mitigation doesn't change that you picked a really racist/dumb example, and phrasing to make your point.

The rest of the conversation isn't that bad. But that doesn't change that it was a really stupid comment to make (the way she made it). And the broader context is this wasn't one gaffe, but repeated where she refuses to admit the Islamic community does anything wrong. She dodges condemning Al Qaeda and terrorism, refuses to talk about FGM (Female Genital Mutilation), had once championed but now dodges all question around sharia law, and so on. Politifact which is all about context, decided they wanted nothing to do with the broader context about how this isn't a sole gaffe, but a repeated pattern of finger pointing and attacking others to dodge anything her community is failing to do well.


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