Q: Who was the leadership during the Russiagate stuff?

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A: The Obama administration.

  • President Barack Obama had done nothing for 6 years of Russian hacking, and had emboldened Russians with his repeated inactions to their bad behavior. Then during the election, told the CIA/FBI to stand down on investigating the hacks, then only reacted to the "Russian Menace" after Hillary lost the election.
  • John Brennan (Obama Appointee) was head of the CIA - caught lying many times, and now is talking about "Treason" for Trump having a meeting with Putin, proving he's either flamingly ignorant of the law and what that means, or he's a partisan Obama/DNC lackey, willing to say anything for fame/attention. Both mar his career.
  • James Clapper (Obama Appointee) was National Intelligence Director - caught lying many times, is now a CNN shill, attacking the current administration for having fired him. Disgruntled employee?
  • First Mueller (Obama Appointee), then James Comey (Obama Appointee) were heads of the FBI -- both have been caught lying. Comey is now a CNN shill that attacks the current administration for having fired him. Disgruntled employee? Mueller was Comey's best buddy and is waiting for his opportunity to cash in as a CNN shill that attacks any conservative.
  • Andrew McCabe (Comey Appointee), caught lying multiple times about what happened during the Russia investigation, eventually fired for incompetence and political hackery.
  • Paul Manafort - being tried for things unrelated to the Trump campaign -- things he did during the Obama administration, while working for Hillary's Campaign Head's brother (Tony Podesta). Both men did the exact same thing, only Tony Podesta was given immunity by the Obama DOJ, and Paul Manafort is having the book thrown at him.
  • Peter Strzok, Lisa Page - couple of unfaithful spousal-cheaters, who got caught lying and texting each other absurdly biased things about how they needed to stop Trump, and get Hillary in office. They were put on Mueller's team to investigate Trump, after Peter had successfully helped sabotage the Hillary email server investigation, and rewrite the press release to make her crimes look less criminal to the gullible.

And these guys and the media blame Trump. FakeNews organizations like CNN love to put Clapper, Brennan, Comey on their talk shows, and never offer the context of them getting caught lying or mention the timing, or how they came to power (and thus who are most likely loyal to). Which is called a lie of omission -- the context of these men and their agenda is key to understanding why they're making the claims they are.

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