Q: Is Collusion a crime?

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Q: Is Collusion a crime?


A: No. - Remember the basics: even if Russia hacked the DNC, released these emails, paid to support Trump, with the intent of manipulating our election, AND Donald Trump colluded and cheered them on, that still means the Trump Administration did nothing illegal. It might be an unsavory/unethical dirty-trick (like Hillary paying for the fake dossier, leaking it to the Press, and the FBI/Obama administration using it to spy on the Trump campaign), but that's not criminal, and thus is not supposed to be impeachable. There are a few little traps in there like non-disclosure, lying about it, or campaign finance laws... and Congress/Senate can invent excuses to impeach, whether he broke the law or not, but if collusion was a crime, then Jimmy Carter, Bill, Hillary, Barack, Ted Kennedy, and a few others would already be in jail. There no rational standard where Trump is more guilty than the Democrats, and the Press, Democrats and Public have been fine with what the Democrats did. If you haven't heard that in the Press, then that shows how dishonest your sources are.

Whataboutism: the dishonest, ignorant or liars will claim this is "whataboutism" -- a fallacy that tries to rationalize one bad behavior by pointing to another. But that's not what this is. In legal/ethical/justice circles the idea is that justice should be blind, consistent and is based on precedent. If it wasn't a crime for Carter, Clinton or Obama, then it shouldn't magically become one because the guy has an (R) after his name, or because the Democrats and Press really don't like him. Or unless they write a new law (which they haven't done). That's called equal protection under the law and fairness. The Left and Media, don't want fairness and justice, they want double-standards and to criminalize not being Democrat enough.

No crime

There's no crime to be found, anywhere (this isn't Watergate or one of Hillary's many scandals).

  • Even if Russia hacked the DNC, and released these emails,
  • with the Intent of manipulating our election and helping Donald Trump,
  • AND they colluded with Donald Trump (or his administration) on the timing of those releases to help him,
  • that still means the Trump Administration did nothing illegal or impeachable.

Of course none of that appears to have happened -- so the best the Democrats have, is nothing but hand-waiving, that only works because their base is either gullible, partisan, or hypocrites.

NOTE: Just because collusion is not a crime, and thus you're not supposed to impeach on it, doesn't mean the Democrats wouldn't still do it. Abuse of government and the law is just another tool for them. So they would have no compunctions at all about ignoring the spirit and letter of the law, and impeaching anyways. The constitution doesn't define what a high crime is: so they would gladly imagine that collusion is a crime, but only for Republicans. Their own sides high crimes would still be ignored.

So while working with the Russians to expose the truth about Hillary is morally superior to what Hillary did, the one thing we can say about Democrats with absolutely certainty, is that they and the media won't hold their side to the standards they set for the other side.

Remember, Hillary got caught colluding with the media to sabotage Bernie Sanders, or by paying violent thugs to go to Trump rally's to beat people up and pretend they were inciting violence, faking hate crimes against themselves, planting the fake Steele Dossier (lies) to make Donald Trump look bad, or doing the same with Obama and creating the whole birther mess. So there's no rational standard where Trump isn't the lesser of evil's between the two of them. But if the left had ethics, Andrew Jackson would have been the last Democrat President, instead of the first. Or he would have never been elected after the trail of tears after our first unilateral preemptive war, or attacking the Spanish to conquer Florida in our second war of aggression. (I laughed out loud when Democrats claimed Iraq was our first, it's so cute when they demonstrate their historical cluelessness).


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