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The FakeNews and Wikipedia claim that Proud Boys is a White Supremacist organization... lead by a black guy, with Gay, Latino, Asian members. Their history could be summed up as when the Alt-right was created it was about those young/dissatisfied with the establishment right (that is all). They were kids and trolls mocking the PC (Politically Correctness) and trolling the thought police with memes. But as alt-right power seemed to coalesce around Richard Spencer (over the next few years), it become more pro-white and anti-minority, and nationalistic... and Proud Boys broke off with more the original message, and the idea of being proudly western (but not just America), and proudly male (protectors, etc), but also anti-racist and pro individualist, pro minority and so on. They can still be young, aggressive, right (individualist) leaning provocateurs... out there defending property and conservative ideals and values. And they can go too far responding to radical leftists (real authoritarians or anarchists). But they are far less violent, aggressive, or dangerous than the alt-left (Antifa, BLM, Democratic Socialists, Anarchist, etc). And they are NOT what the media is trying to portray them as.


This is a pretty good piece on what the Proud Boys are.

If you listen to the left wing media, you get the impression that white supremacists are everywhere, that they are responsible for violence in our cities, and that Proud Boys are an example of that.

If you get informed, it turns out that white supremacists are rare, that violence in our cities is by left wing movements like BLM and Antifa, and that the Proud Boys aren’t white racists at all (with Asian, Latinos, Black and gay members), their leader is a black guy... and they are something far more subtle. They are pro masculine, pro-providers, anti-PC, and for protecting our people and our property. Because they are non-apologetic that western individualist culture has inherent advantages over eastern collectivism, they’re tagged as right wing extremists. But it doesn’t seem that extreme to me — just that they aren’t buying into left wing dogma.

Are they fascist / neo-Nazi's?

There's another set of claims that they are fascists -- this is repeated by morons who don't know What is fascism?... it is not pro-western or pro-individualist, or anti-racism, or anti-PC.

If you go to Google and search Proud Boys, you can't find much on them -- only Fake News places like SPLC, which is itself a hate group by their definition, telling you what the proud boys are. If you use a real search engine -- not a PC filter on the universe, you can find the Proud Boys site[1]> and see what they are recruiting based on their actual beliefs.


Proud Boys' values center on the following tenets:

  1. Minimal Government
  2. Maximum Freedom
  3. Anti-political Correctness
  4. Anti-drug war
  5. Closed borders
  6. Anti-racial guilt
  7. Anti-racism
  8. Pro-free speech (1st ammendment)
  9. Pro-gun rights (2nd ammendment)
  10. Glorifying the entrepreneur
  11. Venerating the housewife
  12. Reinstating a spirit of western chauvinism

How does that map to fascism/Nazi's?

Well, 1,2,3,4,7,8,9,10,12 are all 100% diametrically opposed to what was National Socialism or Fascism. Only 6, 11 are not opposed, but weren't really a primary tenet of fascism. And the only one that overlaps is #5. And that was because National Socialism was Socialism (leftist) that believe in racial purity. Proud-Boys is multi-racial -- as long as you value western values (of individualism, liberty, capitalism -- all things that Hitler and the Nazi's railed against -- it was about collectivism and authority, not maximizing freedom and liberty).


You get actively dumber listening to CNN, NYT or WaPo... who are selling their rubes (audience) that the Proud Boys are something they are not.

That doesn't mean the proud boys are saints, or have no bad Apple's. But if you have a problem with them, it should be with them resorting to the methods of the far left... not that they are some White Nationalist group that likes minority and gay members, and has no problem with members in other countries. (Aka that's not what White Nationalist means).


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