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Control the media, or the media controls us.

Basics of Propaganda: understanding differences between white, black and grey propaganda.[1]

I use the meaning:

  • white = you were just telling your sides story (your spin),
  • grey = telling your sides story with lies of omissions (to make your side look better)
  • black = are you adding in direct and known falsehoods and misrepresentation to sell your sides agenda (actively misrepresenting things).

Historically, the term is more often used to represent whether you are open with the source or not:

  • white = you are you clear that this info is coming from the opposition
  • grey = you are ambiguous about source,
  • black = you are dark/misrepresenting this as coming from the other side.


🗒️ NOTE:
The media leans left, so will debunk and fact check the rights lies/spin, thus they can't get away with as much . But the left will not only fail to do that for the lefty meme's, they lean so far left that they often propagate/repeat their message as fact (sometimes knowing it is false, most of it out of not knowing better).

Most propaganda in American media is grey propaganda (using lies of omission and is biased / one-sided), but way too much from the major outlets is more than just dark grey. The errors are all on one side (in favor of their own agenda, and getting the other side's views wrong). I suppose you could argue that all these left leaning media outlets are just stupid and don't realize what they're doing (and don't have any competent fact-checkers on-staff)-- but that seems even more insulting, than just believing they don't care. They found their audience, and they tell them what they want to hear for clicks, even if they have to sacrifice truth for their agenda (and income) to do it.

And I'm not saying that this doesn't happen on the right. Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity are perfectly willing to unbalance a story to the point of being into black propaganda when it suits them. But they're not pretending to be the NYT, WaPo, CNN, NPR or one of these faux objective places. So it's hard to pretend that Rush/Hannity are denying their partisanism, and that they're giving you anything but one sided cheerleading -- thus they're white propaganda because they admit their bias up front. By nature of the democrat News outlets pretending that they're objective, when they are not even close, makes them black propaganda.


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