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Project Veritas (created by James O'Keefe) uses the long practiced investigative journalism techniques of using secretly recorded undercover audio and video encounters to expose academic, governmental, and social service organizations doing abusive or illegal behaviors. Because he's conservative and is exposing such abuse of leftist organizations, he's unfairly censored/attacked by far left Social Media outlets or media organizations who have no interest in exposing abuses on the left.


Project Veritas : 9 items

Zachary Vorhies - 2019.08.14 an internal engineer (Zachary Vorhies) gave Project Veritas and the public thousands of pages of documentation on how Google was intentionally manipulating their search to bias the information people see and manipulate elections: very Edward Snowden. This was the Google Now service (which is all their Mobile Search and prediction features) and included blacklists, blocklists, memos, emails, and guidelines. This completely proves that their execs are either ignorant of what's going on inside their own organization (highly unlikely), or they lied to congress. The Democrats in congress are blocking justice because while it is Russian interference in our elections (Sergey Brin is originally from Russia), it was done in the Democrats favor, so they are putting partisan politics above a fair and honest election. Organizations targeted include: NewsBusters, MRCTV, Twitchy, Conservative Tribune, Front Page Mag, RedState, Christian Post, American Thinker, Daily Caller, and Catholic News Agency. As well as eBay, Glenn Beck, Allen West, Steven Crowder, the Duggars, Megyn Kelly, Rush Limbaugh, and Michelle Malkin. Google had Swatted Zachary and done other forms of harassment, once they found out.

Twitter Suspends James O’Keefe - Twitter locked/suspended Project Veritas's Jame O'Keefe, for the high crime of reporting the truth about Democrat Bernie Sanders campaign staffers. James caught WaPo in FakeNews, claiming Kyle Jurek and Martin Weissgerber (two campaign staffers calling for violent revolutionary acts) were "volunteers" when they were paid campaign staffers. James demanded a retraction... and with the evidence presented, WaPo was forced to reluctantly retract the story, and admit their malfeasance. James's tweet had a screen shot of publicly available campaign documents which showed what the Sanders campaign paid Jurek. So Twitter jumped in and suspended O'Keefe claiming, "You may not publish or post other people’s private information without their express authorization and permission". By definition public documents, on a valid media story, are not protected private information.

Project Veritas exposes Bernie Sanders campaign - Project Veritas undercover video caught Bernie operatives Kyle Jurek (Iowa Field Organizer) and Daniel Taylor, Martin Weissgerber, Mason Baird and Daniel Taylor (South Carolina Field Organizers) saying vile things about throwing their opposition in gulags (or put to death), calls for violence, and explaining that Bernie really is a far left Marxist that will demand communism once in office, but they need to lay low during the election process. The media has all but suppressed that information because it shows what a fanatic one of the top candidate for the DNC is, or at least his campaign staffers are. Can you imagine them suppressing the news if any Trump campaign staffer was a KKK member or calling for violent overthrow of the other side? Yeah, me neither.

Paying thugs to assault people - Project Veritas undercover video, Wikileaks, and others all caught prominent Democrat operatives (Robert Creamer, Scott Foval) admitting that the DNC and Hillary Campaign was paying protestors to disrupt, and thugs to assault or provoke assault with Trump supporters are Trump rally's/events. Including daily conference call with the Clinton campaign, and he visited the Obama White House 340 times (45 of those with direct meetings with Obama, a few with 1:1's). They were also committing voter fraud, and left a paper trail. This isn't just outliers, this was establishment connections in a conspiracy to corrupt an election, and at least two people quickly had to quit to distance themselves from the truth. The media gave this scandal and thorough whitewashing and buried it. Little interest despite names, dates, and hard evidence of something far more material on the election outcome than, "Russia, Russia, Russia".

CNN Tapes - James O'Keefe (of investigative journalist site Project Veritas) asked CNN President (Jeff Zucker) some questions on their weekly call, like how do they call themselves news when they worked to suppress and spin facts that didn't further their agenda? O'Keefe mentioned they he had been secretly taping their calls for months (during the pre-election coverage) and was going to release those tapes. Instead of answering, CNN panicked, hung up, and said they'd changed the call process to prevent transparency in the future. They also threatened lawsuit, because after they released secret tapes of the First Lady, suddenly when that was turned back on them, they felt that investigative journalism, whistleblowing and speaking truth to power was a crime. So the tapes were released and we got the leadership conspiring on tape to do the following:
  • Jeff Zucker admitting that the network is pushing the agenda of the Democrat Party by making all their news completely “impeachment” focused (and he was fine wiht that).
  • After Trump was diagnosed with COVID-19, inventing the narrative that Trump was "acting erratically"
  • They should stop being friendly towards and be more caustic in attacking Sen. Lindsey Graham (in order to swing an election against him)
  • They should pretend that Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson is a White Supremacist (based on no evidence)
  • They should continue to suppress the Hunter Biden tapes story
  • Conspiring on how to help Joe Biden with Miami Cubans (by downplaying his pro-Socialist/Communist statements).

ABC Tanked Epstein Story -
This is what FakeNews and bias looks like (burying and spinning valid stories and shifting the narrative):
  • Project Veritas caught Amy Robach admitting on hot-mic. that she had Epstein story 3 years ago, with interviews and witnesses, but higher ups tanked it because it make the Clinton and Royals look bad.
  • ABC's defense (and they forced Amy to repeat) that the story didn't meet their standards... despite Epstein already being convicted of related crimes, direct witnesses and tons of evidence. This is the same organization that had far lower standards when they ran uncorroborated claims with the only witnesses refuting those claims about Brett Kavanaugh: proving their hypocritical double-standards at defending Democrat Pedophiles while being willing to attack Conservatives who did nothing wrong, with far less evidence.
  • ABC pulled out all stops to find the leaker and not why the story was tanked. Once identified, they conspired with CBS to have the whistleblower fired for exposing the truth. These are the same organizations that refuse to even mention the name of Democrat Operative that conspired with Democrats/Adam Schiff and was the leaker in the Trump/Ukraine case. (Another double standard).
  • Meanwhile ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC all put a black-out on mentioning anything about this newsworthy story in their "so called" News shows (some for the first day, some indefinitely), while in their talk shows or on-line they are trying to play off Project Veritas as a far right wing group that could/should be ignored. (Lying for an agenda).

2020 Minnesota - Minnesota has some irregularities:
  • James O'Keefe (Project Veritas) catches Liban Mohamed (King Liban) bragged that he has hundreds of mail-in ballots in his car for illegally helping the DNC. This is in a swing state where some areas (Hennepin county) had >90% turnout, and went extremely heavily (70%+) for Biden.
  • The state went from 1.5M votes for Obama and 1.3M votes for Hillary in 2016 to 1.7M for Biden in 2020. (and 1.3M in 2016 to 1.5M in 2020 for Trump) Biden made virtually all his gains from the Twin Cities.

2019.06.11 YouTube Censors Project Veritas - Project Veritas created a video that showed who/how Pinterest was censoring (a Christian group) as "Pornography" for showing facts about abortion, as well as mislabelling folks like Ben Shapiro (Jewish Conservative) and Candice Owens (Black Conservatives) as Neo-Nazi's/White Supremacists. Because that's journalism, YouTube and Twitter censored the video (or posting about it) as doxing. Multiple real journalists and free speech orgs cried foul.

2017.02.24 Shut-out over facts - CNN whines (after getting shut out of a Press event after running the Fake Dossier) that it was retaliation because "this is how they retaliate when 'you report facts they don't like'. We'll keep reporting regardless". There's at least 4 pieces of FakeNews in that one line:
  • 🔥 the Dossier wasn't "facts" it was lies (debunked): germaphobes aren't into watersports you morons
  • 🔥 thus if they were shut out of over the Dossier, it wasn't because they told "facts", it was because they repeated a lie (and refused to correct it)
  • 🔥 They weren't shut-out over just the Dossier, but over: Dossier, Russia, and dozens of other FakeNews stories listed in this section.
  • 🔥 At the same time, Project Veritas showed a senior CNN producer (John Bonifield), admitting the whole Russia meme was bullshit, they had no evidence, and they'd been on a witchhunt, and they knew it was a lie all along: just like the President said. .
  • 🔥 CNN had to fire 3 people and pull more off the Russia fraud and FakeCollusion (a couple months later). But they never corrected, clarified or apologized for the prior year of misreporting. That would be too much like journalism.


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