Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution

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Politically Incorrect Guide (PIG) to the U.S. Constitution by Kevin Gutzman

The Constitution of the United States created a representative republic marked by federalism and the separation of powers. The biggest failure in our Republic has been activist (leftist) judges on the Supreme Court that have expanded the power of that Court, Courts in general, and have then used their imagined powers to encroach or rewrite the Constitution into areas that it, and thus they, never had any authority. (While the Congress and President did little, because that encroachment suited them in the moment). This book details a lot of that devolution from Republic into an Oligarchy of 9, that often don't even pretend to defend the Constitution, but only their own opinions, using prior imagined precedent as cover.


Chapters: besides the intro and conclusion, we have the following:

  • What Made the Constitution: Revolution and Confederation
  • Federalism vs. Nationalism at the Philadelphia Convention
  • Selling the Constitution
  • Judges: Power-Hungry from the Beginning
  • The Imperial Judiciary: it started with Marshall
  • Undoing Marshall—and undoing the Union
  • The War for Southern Independence as a Constitutional Crisis
  • The Pro-Segregation Supreme Court
  • The Court vs. FDR
  • The Grand Wizard’s Imperial Court
  • The Court on Pornography, Crime, and Race
  • The Court’s Brave New World: From Affirmative Action to Sodomy


I loved this book: easy read, I recommend it for anyone who values minority rights and individual rights... and how both got diluted by the progressives on the left. While I'd read many of these fragments in different contexts, and was aware of about 2/3rd of the material, this went into more detail, was better cited, and wrapped up in an entertaining and digestible story. Of course since it's politically incorrect, the people that should most read it, won't. But it's a great read for those with a skeptics view of the world, and who still have an open mind.


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