Political party is genetic?

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There's a famous twin study (looking at how much twins vary versus random people), to help answer nature versus nurture questions. One intriguing result was the political affiliation, or at least left/right alignment, showed that nature was far significant than people thought. They concluded that over half of the political difference (like authoritarian leanings) was genetic.

  • On one that makes sense. How logical/emotional you are, putting head over heart, or fearless about change or reserved about consequences, does sound like it would have a genetic factor.
  • On the other hand, there's another study that showed what year you were born had an impact on your political leanings (even more so). Which makes sense as well: if you grew up a spoiled millennial that had parents taxi you everywhere, you're going to have a different world-view than kids who grew up on their own during the great depression, WWII, or even latchkey generation. And since the time-political alignment study was later, it doesn't seem like the sibling study took those factors into account. (Assuming you trust a non-peer reviewed Columbia Ph.D. students grad project a reliable study).


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