Obama's Questionable appointments

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There was some pretty bad appointments, certainly, not a single one could be seen as offering an olive branch to the other side. Most were as politically polarizing as they were inept:

  • Hillary Clinton - Secretary of State - corrupt fucking disaster.
    • John Kerry - Secretary of State - anti-American inept fucking disaster.
  • Eric Holder - Socialist asshat, corrupt, only Attourney General to be held in contempt of congress, only avoided prison because Obama indemnified him and obstructed justice (executive privilege), had a horrid background, created Fast and Furious
    • Loretta Lynch - Even worse than Holder, and got caught up in protecting Hillary for prosecution.
  • EPA: Lisa Jackson - Background, [1]
  • Tom Daschle - force to withdraw over tax cheating.
  • Janet Napolitano
  • Bill Richardson - Secretary of Commerce - withdrawn due to finance corruption
    • Obama then tried Senate stacking by nominating New Hampshire Senator Judd Gregg (R) which looks like a concession to Republicans, but really meant that a Democrat Governor would replace him in the Senate with a Democrat, giving them a super-majority. Gregg withdrew recognizing that he would be marginalized and didn't agree with Obama on anything.
  • Sebelius: demands payment, violates the Hatch Act, and completely botched the roll-out of HealthCare.gov


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