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The New Yorker accidentally did Journalism and reported on who Soleimani was, and why he was an important military target. Of course that was back in 2013, long before Trump did what Obama wouldn't, and took him off the board. And I'm sure they regret penning it, as now the leftist narrative is that Soleimani was a saint, and Trump was evil for killing a killer and terrorist thought leader. How do I know? Because if they were proud of the story, they would have revisited it and bragged about it. Instead they are silent and slinking in the shadows.


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New Yorker
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The New Yorker was once a renowned for their fact checking and quality. Then David Remnick took over as Editor and they became the cheap partisan low-quality mock-worthy rag that they are today. This details just a small portion of that.
After a dozen attacks by Iran, Trump killed a really, really bad guy (that ran their terror operations). OrangeMan is bad (to the far left and their media). Thus this was a bad thing that was going to cause WWIII, and it was all our fault. Whether intentional or through blind bias/incompetence, those that railed against this action demonstrate that they are anti-American trash that would rather see America burn, or our enemies thrive, than admit Trump did something right.

Written by: Ari Sabouni