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Elon Musk is rarely silent -- and COVID and the Shutdown are no exceptions.

  • Ventilators - Musk promised ventilators to help with COVID, and Californias cuckolding Gov. Newsom claimed that Hospitals had never received them. So Musk gave a list of some hospitals that he'd given them to -- and low and behold, they had received them (just like NYC had). Sorta. Musk gave them CPAP and biPAP Machines -- which help people breathe and are probably a better tool for COVID, so I give him credit. But they are cheaper that full respirators, and not technically what most people mean when they say "Respirators".
  • Shelter-in-Place - the Press hyped that Musk went on an expletive laced rant by saying that Shelter-in-place was unconstitutional and an overreaction (fascism). I tend to agree that the data shows that it was an overreaction, and the Press is definitely trying to make Musk look worse than he was. Not everyone has to agree with the collective.
  • The Federal Government, other States, and California all opened up for Auto-Manufacturing (from the COVID shutdown)... but Alameda County Health Office wouldn't let Tesla open up despite lower break-out than the other places that were allowed to open. Musk threatened to move his HQ to a free State like Texas or Nevada. A California politicians tweeted back "Fuck Musk". So Elon said, "message received" and opened up the Tesla auto-plant anyways, and told the county to arrest him. This caused snowflakes to melt down because he valued the Constitution and his business and workers more than the bureaucrats did. [1]</noinlcude>

🗒️ NOTE:
Elon's ego has alienated a little of both sides. The right conservatives/libertarians like him taking on big government... but as a friend pointed out, he took too many subsidies for them to really be his champions. "Live by the subsidy die by the regulation"... The left hates him because he believes in business and creating jobs -- so despite his electric car bonafides, he's not socialist enough to keep thier love.


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The Coronavirus is named after the fact that under a microscope it looks like the surface of the sun, with lots of little protrusions and bumps. These are series of diseases, but the one everyone is talking about for now, is the Chinese (Wuhan COVID-19 for COrona VIrus Disease circa 2019, or SARS-CoV-2) that's going pandemic. While the CDC, WHO and FDA all blew their response, we've never seen a more effective response to a pandemic, and the U.S. outperformed most of the world in objective metrics. But as to be expected, partisan Democrats and their media never let an opportunity go to waste: to politicize, polarize, divide and undermine the American economy and people.
Coronavirus as hate
Democrats never let an opportunity to politicize, demonize and hate go to waste. Here's a few examples where when others went high, they went low: Amy BednarzCandi CdeBacaCOVID Anti-AsianCOVID ShutdownFlu Klux Klan
Elon Musk
Musk is hit or miss. He's sort of like a Steve Jobs. When he's right, he's gloriously right... when he's wrong, he's gloriously wrong. But he pushes boundaries, and the world needs a few boundary pushers. A world of followers, isn't much of a world. So even when I grouse, the world is better for some loudmouths willing to challenge the status quo: Carpe DonktumElon Musk: VisionaryTesla