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This shows Ari's postulates correct:

  1. the left lies
  2. if the left is accusing the right of doing it, the left is doing it
  3. when the left can't win in the war of ideas (always), they will attack

By claiming that truth is misinformation, the left is guilty of both misinformation and distraction (lies of omission and commission).

And by outrage about it, they are proving the third postulate, and the whole theorem to be a valid representation.

Which all proves that:

  1. the left puts ego/emotions above fact
  2. and when the facts contradict them, the problem is those who value the facts more than the left's feelings

Thus they claim that something that's factually true is misinformation if it services the goal of making people more aware of what the left is actually doing, or if it helps them understand what the right is actually doing (and not what the left is telling you it's doing), or if it's reminding you of the context around real history (not the 1619 or Howard Zinn version of it), or it's giving you the tools to accept reality as it is instead of demand change without thinking through the consequences of that change.


To believe the left, you need to believe down is up, that misinformation is truth, that truth is misinformation, that anyone that spreads the truth is a liar, anyone on the left that's lying is telling the truth, that the language doesn't mean what you think it means (or what it meant 15 seconds before they re-invented it), and that the sources of so many lies about Trump were honest and sincere despite being wrong. 2+2=5: it's not enough to say it in order to get a passing grade or stop the torture, you must truly believe it, because the state is telling you it is so. Thus if you question basic facts when they come in conflict with reality, then YOU are the problem.

To become a good leftist, repeat after me:

  • Censorship is liberty
  • Diversity is conformity
  • Intolerance towards the right (and witch hunts against Trump supporters) is tolerance and bringing us together
  • Pointing out the facts about election fraud, is disinformation... because it doesn't serve the left

If you fail to believe those, then it's not a matter of if Cancel culture will getcha, but just when and how badly re-education is going to go.


📚 References

We can't communicate effectively if we don't agree on what words or terms mean. Cultural Marxists decided that since they uusally can't win through honesty, logic, history and facts, they could win by twisting/perverting meanings (especially in popular culture and colleges), to distort every discussion into a debate on pedantics, or use truthspeak as a litmus test for who is properly indoctrinated/compliant. This section isn't intended as a comprehensive dictionary, but just to stop that gaslighting, by defining what I (and often history/society means or should mean) when using a term. Not what the far left is trying to re-invent terms into.