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Mills handled COVID like any leftist asshat: she locked down the whole state if any part showed a case -- not out of need or science, but as a show of solidarity at ruining the economy and hurting small business. This of course led to backlash and protests by businesses that didn't want to be destroyed, despite few cases of COVID.


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COVID Overreach
When COVID happened, in general the left ignored the problem with the disease long (often too long) maximizing harm to their populations, then once they recognized an opportunity to seize power -- they took it. And they are usually the last to release it (and then as slowly as possible). They exercised that power in a specious and obnoxious as possible. You'll notice that most have a (D) after their name. Examples: Newsom Whitmer
Never let an opportunity go to waste
Rahm Emanuel, Obama's bundler and fixer once said, "You never let a serious crisis go to waste." Of course he was perverting and plagiarizing the Bible which states take advantage of every opportunity (usually to do good, or follow the Lord's will, etc). But to the left, centralizing power and removing liberty is their religion, so its fitting that Democrats never let an opportunity to politicize, demonize and hate go to waste. Here's a few examples where when others went high, they went low: Coronavirus as hateCOVID OverreachNewsom on COVIDRacy-NoJustice.jpgWhitmer on COVID
Janet Mills
Janet Mills is the governor of Maine, and the first female governor of that State. She was programmed in far left dogma while in San Francisco and Boston universities. Pro-abortion (and forcing taxpayers to pay for it), anti-capitalist, signed assisted suicide law, renamed "Columbus Day” into “Indigenous Peoples’ Day.”, she banned conversion therapy in her state, because progressives know best.