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The best burgers come from sacred cows. Like getting beaten to death with a dildo, any tool can be used for hate... but MY purpose is just laughing at ourselves. So try to remember that the context isn't too serious -- heck, I believe "First there was nothing, then it blew up", so I don't believe I have any room to mock people's deeply held beliefs.... but their superficial acts or ceremony? That's free game.

Memes about Christians/Christianity. The purpose isn't to barb, but to have fun laughing at ourselves... or sometimes others.

Memes-Christian : 40 items

This is humor. My Dad is Muslim, I know many Muslims. Most muslims are not bad people. The religion as practiced by the majority of Muslims isn't a bad religion. There's just a lot of Muslims, and so they're going to have a lot of outliers. And the news isn't riddled with what most Muslims do, it's riddled with the outliers. This makes fun of those.

Memes-Islam : 43 items

The Jews (and Israel) have enough of the media/left/haters beating up on them... so I don't feel like I have to. Most of the irony/humor is going to go the other way (in the Jews/Israel's favor).

Memes-Jews : 10 items

Memes-Religion-Other : 9 items


Religion is a mirror on out soul, it tells others who we are, and what we believe.