Mass shootings stopped by armed civilians

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Here are dozens of examples of Mass shootings stopped by armed civilians. Those claiming that civilians don’t stop school shootings are either either ignorant, liars, or both. So if you hear or read that claim, you can immediately consider the source discredited by their own dishonesty, bias or incompetence.

Politfact and DGU Disinformation
When Republican Politician (Jim Rubens) used a shoddy study (that used only 10 examples) that claimed armed civilians drastically reduce casualties during mass shootings, PolitiFact slammed it as false.... by using a worse study to refute it: their "expert" could only find 3 cases of a DGU's (Defensive Gun Uses) stopping a mass shooting? I show dozens in my Mass shootings stopped by armed civilians article, without even trying. So while the issue is complex, and no one is going to agree on an exact number reduced, there's zero doubt (to the informed) that civilians with guns have reduced casualties in mass shootings. Claiming that as completely false, is completely dishonest. The only debate is how "drastically" it has helped.



This is not a comprehensive list, by any means. DGU's (Defensive Gun Uses) are estimated to be between 500K and 3.5M times a year (I use the a median 1.5M number as close enough), compared to 10K murders, that means a gun is about 150x more likely to be used for good than for murder. While Mass Murders are more rare, the same ideas apply -- there are more good guys than bad guys, and the faster a good guy can distract the bad guy, the more lives will be saved. Examples: MassDGU : 37 items

  • Jared Lee Loughner - FakeNews Media (CNN, NYT, etc.) and the Democrats blamed Republicans (Sarah Palin) for a political ad with crosshairs target the district, for the shooting. Something Democrats had run multiple times as well. It came out that Loughner had never seen the ad, oh and he was a fan of Karl Marx, conspiracy theories, and far left political views. Also a known drug and alcohol abuser, sent letter threatening to assassinate Gifford. Stopped by Joseph Zamudio a CCW holder. For years, the media continued to blame Republicans/Sarah Palin after admitting the facts in other places. Palin sued NYT, but lost because NYT successfully used incompetence as a defense. (Their own editors and fact checkers couldn't be expected to read their own paper and know the facts).
  • 2019.12.29 White Settlement Church Shooting - After Keith Thomas Kinnunen (43) pulled out a shotgun and killed two people, Jack Wilson (71, Hero, NRA member and Trump supporter) quickly shot and killed the Texas church shooter a few seconds in, ending the confrontation and saving countless lives. The video of the event went viral because it was being live streamed and of how fast it all happened at the West Freeway Church of Christ, in White Settlement Texas (a Dallas/Fort Worth suburb). Multiple other people in the congregation had pulled guns and were prepared as well, which caused USA Today and other leftist outlets commented on how scary it was that so many churchgoers were armed and didn't die like good little proles. The shooter had a long criminal record, in multiple states, thus the gun was illegally owned (gun control didn't work). A few months ago, Democrats like Joe Biden had mocked Texas Governor Greg Abbott, for signing a bill into law that allows people in churches to be armed, preferring a much larger massacres to liberty and trusting your fellow man, this event proves them wrong. CNN and other FakeNews outlets misreported Jack Wilson as a cop -- while he was former reserve deputy sheriff and an owner/trainer of a firearms training academy, he was a civilian and not law enforcement.
  • 2019.08.09 Missouri Walmart - Dmitriy Andreychenko (20) illegally walked into a Missouri Walmart store open carrying an assault rifle and pistol, with 100 rounds of ammo, dressed in body armor and fatigues... and was detained at gunpoint by an armed civilian until the cops arrived. Good Guy with Gun stops potential mass shooting, wasn't trigger happy (didn't just kill the guy), and the media is mostly silent about the event and details.
  • 2019.03.14 Christchurch Shooting - 🇳🇿Christchurch, New Zealand: a left wing eco-nationalist (who hates Capitalism, Conservatism, and is Chinese Communist sympathizer) shot-up a couple mosques because immigrants were over-populating the planet and causing Global Warming. Because the shooter said he didn't like Donald Trump's politics or leadership, the media said he was a right wing Trump supporter. He had illegally modified guns, used guns instead of more effective bombs because he said that would turn the left into his tools in dividing nations like the U.S. over gun-control, and he was stopped/slowed at the second mosque because a good guy was able to get a gun and scare him off. (It was one the shooter had dropped). So the media does his bidding, calls for division and gun control, and ignores the role that a good-guy with a gun had in reducing the carnage. NZ threatens to punish anyone that makes the info about his true motives available.
    Dead/Injured: 50/100
  • 2017.11.25 Schlenker Automotive (Florida) - Robert Lorenzo Bailey walked into Autoshop and started shooting people (killing one, wounding another), when the manager (a CCW holder) shot back with his own pistol, hitting the shooter twice and stopping the rampage.
  • 2017.09.24 Burnett Chapel (Tennessee) - Skimask wearing shooter (Emanuel Kidega Samson), bursts into a church and shoots 7 people (1 died), before the usher (Robert "Caleb" Engle) subdued him with his personal weapon.
  • 2017.05.04 Zona Caliente Shooting - James Jones walks into a bar (Zona Caliente Sports Bar) heavily armed, shoots one employee (Cesar Perez), and a customer with a CCW draws and ends Jones's shooting spree.
  • 2016.03.10 B & L Landscape Company (Florida) - After worker (Ezequiel Soriano Lopez) shot his boss (Andrew William Little) of B & L landscape (Jacksonville, FL), a 3rd employee (Joseph Curry) drew his gun and stopped the rampage from going further, and prevented Lopez from leaving until the police arrived. Most media (and ABC) omits key context.
  • 2016.02.10 Hamilton, Alabama - Jimmy Cooper (mentally disturbed individual) shot two people, but was stopped by an anonymous armed civilian shot at and distract Cooper. His role was downplayed by the media, but appears to be a critical factor in reducing loss of life.
  • 2015.06.01 Conyers, Georgia (Bottle Shop) - Mass Shooter (Jeffrey Pitts) opens fire with assault style rifle, kills two, until open-carry bystander (Todd Scott) shoots back. Pitts flees, shoots his parents and gets killed by cops. Police called Scott a hero that saved lives.
  • 2015.05.08 Los Altos Skate Park (Albuquerque) - 17 year old Jaquise Lewis killed one, injured 6, when a bystander shot him in self defense. It was a bit of a clusterfuck as many people were shot (and multiple people shot back). But in the end, the person that shot first was stopped by someone with a gun. (Which is better than the alternative).
  • 2015.04.20 Chicago Uber Driver - Everardo Custodio began shooting into a crowd in Logan Square, Chicago -- when an uber driver with a CCW pulled his gun and dropped Everardo.
  • 2015.03.22 Falah Barbershop shooting - 40 year old guy gets into altercation, pulls gun, opens fire. Passerby with CCW, runs in, and shoots the shooter dead, then runs away. (Later surrendered and was let go on self-defense).
  • 2014.07.24 Mercy Hospital, PA - Doctor shoots armed patient in Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital. Richard Plotts shot his caseworker (dead), and wounded Dr. Silverman, who pulled his own a gun (in a gun free zone) and shot Plotts 3 times (survived). Plotts had 30 more rounds in his pocket, and was a likely rampage killer. Silverman was not punished for having a gun against Hospital policy, but the Press disapproved of his actions. Fortunately, he ignored their advice, or more would have died.
  • 2014.06.25 Doctor shoots armed patient in Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital - Richard Plotts shot his caseworker (dead), and wounded Dr. Silverman, who pulled his own a gun (in a gun free zone) and shot Plotts 3 times (survived). Plotts had 30 more rounds in his pocket, and was a likely rampage killer. Silverman was not punished for having a gun against Hospital policy, but the Press disapproved of his actions.
  • 2012.12.16 Clackamas Mall - Jacob Tyler Roberts went on a shooting spree in an Oregon mall (killing 2, injuring 1), but CCW Nick Meli drew a weapon in site of Jacob, but did not fire (as there were people behind the shooter). The shooter ran into a hallway and killed himself. We will never know how many more he might have killed if his gun-free zone had not been violated by Nick, but it's pretty safe to say that at least some owe their lives to his actions.
  • 2012.09.09 Plymouth shooting rampage - William Allabaugh killed one and wounded another stranger, when Mark Ktytor (CCW holder) shot and dropped Allabaugh, ending the rampage.
  • 2012.08.15 Family Research Council Shooting - 🇺🇲 Washington, DC: Floyd Lee Corkins was a gay activist who was triggered by the SPLC list of hate groups. So he went to the one: the near-by Family Research Council. He took a handgun, two extra magazines of ammo, and sandwiches from Chick-fil-A to smear in the faces of his victims and opened fire at the local FRC office: fortunately he only hit one security guard who disarmed and apprehended him. If a conservative had done that after a sermon at a church or based on anything a conservative group said, that group would be listed as a domestic terrorist organization by SPLC, and the media would trash that organization. Since it was the SPLC, the story was buried and the tone was, "you can't use a fanatic to misrepresent a whole cause", a standard never applied to the right.
  • 2012.07.29 Peach House Gunfight - Early, Texeas, a deranged man murdered two neighbors (and their 2 dogs) and was exchanging fire at a police officer, when Vic Stacy took a 56 yard shot with his pistol that took out the perp, because the cop with an AR-15 at 15 yards was about to get shot.
  • 2012.03.25 Boiling Springs church - Jesse Gates kicked in a church door with a shotgun. Aaron Guyton was a CCW holder and held Gates at gunpoint until the cops arrived. Gates claims he was only there to kidnap his kids and wasn't going to shoot anyone.
  • 2010.05.27 NY ATT Store - Disgruntled employee (Abraham Dickan) goes in to store intent on killing 6... off-duty cop (Donald Moore) takes him out.
  • 2009.07.13 Golden Food Market - Gunman tries to shoot several patrons and was stopped by a CCW carrier. Despite cries by others in the store to kill him, the CCW holder just held him at gunpoint until the cops arrived.
  • 2009.05.04 College Park, GA - 2 armed men prepared to rape and kill 10 people, when one victim pulls a gun and prevents it. Since they were all black, and a gun was used to stop massacre, FakeNews suppressed this story.
  • 2008.05.25 Winnemucca, NV - Man (Ernesto Villagomez) kills 2, wounds 1, and was shooting at others, when he was stopped/killed by CCW holder.
  • 2007.12.09 New Life Church - Mass Church shooter (Matthew John Murray) shot up Youth With A Mission training center in Arvada, Colorado, killing two and wounding two others before escaping. Later that afternoon, he attacked the New Life Church in Colorado Springs, with a number of firearms, killing two more people and injuring three before being shot and killed by Jeanne Assam, a member of the church's safety team, who was carrying a licensed private firearm.
  • 2007.02.12 Trolley Square shooting - Lone gunman (Sulejman Talović), killes five bystanders (wound's 5 others), but off-duty cop fires at him and slows the murder rate until the cops arrive.
  • 2005.02.24 Tyler courthouse shooting - David Hernandez Arroyo, Sr. opened fire with an AK-47 rifle, killing his ex-wife, and wounding his son. A CCW carrier (Mark Alan Wilson), shot at Arroyo and was killed by the shooter -- but Arroyo fled (and was killed by cops). Wilson's actions likely saved lives.
  • 2002.01.16 Appalachian School of Law shooting - Three people were killed and three others were wounded when a former student (Peter Odighizuwa) opened fire in the school with a handgun. He was stopped by two students with handguns.
  • 1999.07.07 Santa Clara Gunshop - Shooter (Richard Gable Stevens) goes into a gun store and range (the National Shooting Club, now Reed’s Indoor Range), declares that he was going to kill everyone, and was shot by armed civilian instead. List of intended victims found in shooters car. I use this range monthly as part of Adobe Shooting club.
  • 1997.10.01 Pearl High School shooting - 16-year-old Luke Woodham killed his mother at her home, then went to school and killed two students and injured seven others. Vice principal Joel Myrick retrieved a pistol from his truck and prevented Luke from leaving the scene until cops arrived.
  • 1995.08.23 Muskegon, MI - Four would-be killers with a "gnawing hunger for crack cocaine", shot store owner Clare Cooper in the back. But he was able to hit and fire his shotgun, and the four fled, and were later arrested.
  • 1991.12.17 Shoney's in Anniston, Ala - Two men armed with stolen pistols herded 20 customers and employees of a Shoney’s restaurant into the walk-in refrigerator and locked it. An armed patron (Thomas Glenn Terry), who had hidden under the table shot the robbers, and freed the victims from the fridge: massacre avoided.
  • 1915.03.06 Brunswick, Ga - To show this is nothing new. Monroe Phillips killed 5-7 and wounded 20-32 (Newspaper accounts vary widely) with a shotgun before a local man grabbed a gun from a local hardware store and shot Monroe dead, ending the spree.


In the end, the facts are that when seconds count the police (authorities) are 10-20 minutes away. Most cops are good people, but they can't be everywhere at once -- and there are more civilians than cops. A civilian CCW or Open-Carry person will sometimes be at the event, and will be able to stop/slow/distract the shooter sooner, and that will save more lives over just the cops. But we have no good way (that both sides will agree upon) to quantify exactly by how many lives. Of course if it is you, or your family that is saved, it doesn't really matter what the exact ratio is just that lives will be saved.


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