Mahatma Gandhi

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Gandhi was a lot more complex than many movies or History books make him out to be. He did a good thing. He was a flawed individual, with severe blind spots, and some questionable behaviors. That's not to dishonor the man but to honor the real one, not the caricature or myth that many pretend.

I sort of focus here on the lesser known aspects, which isn't "fair". But the truths about his accomplishments are hackneyed tropes that people already know, so going over them would be redundant and wasteful. So I tend to cover the rest.

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Gandhi the perv - OK, that's an unfair but eye-catching title. Gandhi wasn't a perv, but he did things the west would consider pervy. He liked to sleep naked with little girls (teens or pre-teens), and he liked to get his nude massages by them. These "experiments" were for him to test his own chastity. How many parents would let their daughters have a sleep-over under that pretense? He also was a bit sex-obsessed and talked about sex often.


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